Training Notes: Tuesday December 4, 2018


Could it be Gillard from our NGA? Possible cat b rookie spot?

Can deliver 50 metres on either side as well, hopefully it would bring back beast hurls, would be pretty handy at a bounce or two

Haven’t heard anything on Parish.

@Deckham or @nackers has he been training?

Have we got 2 Jok Joks or did he double up on groups?

Really? His 1-on-1 work has been abysmal in recent years. Looked promising in that regard early on his career though.

If you ignore all the contests he wins, then yes. Playing a looser role and being poor one in one aren’t the same thing

He definitely hasn’t been as good one on one as he used to be. Yes he’s playing looser, but even when he’s had a contest he hasn’t been as good. Buddy game aside.

Based on that buddy game though the capability is still there, so hopefully if he trains to be tighter he can get it back consistently.


He has completed most of the sessions so far. He was in the modified group on Monday but it didn’t look like anything serious, probably just managing loads. He’s bulked up a bit on last season but otherwise nothing special to report. He hasn’t stood out to me in either a good or bad way.

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He doubled up. A few of the guys shifted groups - it became a little confusing keeping track, after a while :slight_smile:

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He did on Monday, but not yesterday.
I’d guess he will be training today.

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Maybe they are mixing up the groups/positions to keep the long pre-season interesting for the players.

That’s right they aren’t and I’m saying he’s no good playing 1-on-1. He’s good at playing loose, but that’s not my point is it. If you’re suggesting he isn’t good at playing 1-on-1 because he doesn’t get the chance then that’s different, but I still disagree. He’s consistently been toweled up when he does.

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Occasionally, Hurley gets beaten 1-on-1 when not expected to because we have such high expectations of him, and he has other roles besides stopping another player.

That’s it.


He’s consistently playing on the best forwards in the league and winning way more than 50% of his contests. Do you watch the whole game or just complain when somebody ■■■■■ up?

Winning and Halving 73% of contests, compared with Rance 75%. However Rance spoils 3 times more often per game, which means Rance puts more ball into an ongoing contested state.

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From the welcome Z. Clarke thread.

The spawn of Andrew Lee and Courtney Johns?

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Can’t believe i even have to stick up for him. Dude is a beast and continually in the conversation about best defenders in the whole AFL.

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Ahhh…I found out the blondy was Andrew, and thought I overheard the dark haired one get called Emerson.
Thanks for that.