Training Report 22-05-2020 - DIY style

I reckon he could bowl the ball and then chase it down before it hits the wicket too.


or… old blokes getting lapped for the 2nd time


Just watched an interview with Stringer. Seems he’s 100% good to go.

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I didn’t see the lower half of his body, I guess he was hovering and his feet were borderline off the ground as he spoke.

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He does look chubby… Reminds me of me. (minus the tatts)… 20 odd years ago mind you.

Don’t think it’s going to take too long for Tom Hird to play some games looks a lot stockier reckon as a forward bit like Jamie Elliot

Pretty much a full list apart from Hep and Joe i assume.

Wtf is wrong with Bomberlands videos? Nothing plays for me

What is Bomberland? :thinking:

who’s this doing handballs with Walla?

Lav with his iso haircut.


Saad back at training by the looks of it! He hasn’t been sighted for the first few training sessions!

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Leadership group material.


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Yeah he’s definitely porked up.

Brandon Bleached-Thatch-er.?? :smirk:

How do you see this happening as there is no VFL?

Speculation that a shortened season will mean more frequent matches, less time between games for recovery, so some of our 22 will be rested for certain games, meaning more list use. We’ll have a better idea when the fixture is announced.

Though I agree, a 1st year CatB Rookie with a soccer background into the best22 is optimistic, and we don’t really know what position he’s playing.

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Was watching the training video on the website

Der, CHF in the seniors with a run on the ball in the last when the game is up for grabs.


Hirds don’t play VFL… :slight_smile:


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