Training report - 25 August 2020

Oh fark I feel sick. Just put the binocs on the Metricon #1 ground and it’s fark carlton. Gotta get out of here.
Metricon #2 the tigers are at the end of their training. Geeez it’s relaxed. Now they have that song “Search for the hero inside yourself” blaring over the ground from the main stadium. Quite apt.


Bravo SFE, you are putting in a big effort to turn up at training



Even dropped into Southport Sharks where we started on the GC but it’s the cats training. They are doing full match simulation training.
Have the training rules changed or are clubs allowed to do one full session with all players once per week?

We train in groups on the Tuesday never all players together.

We’re still up at Maroochydore/Twin Waters
Just went past the ovals - someone training, not us. Looked like some Melb players


Thanks for trying @stir_fried_ewok
I may be able to get there tomorrow or Thursday

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Thank fark it’s the last game of the season and we can leave this joke of season/hub life in Queensland