Training report - Friday 18 December 2020


The training sessions pre Xmas said specifically for 1 - 4 year players. That being said most non 1 - 4 year players joined the group at some stage. I don’t know if there was any regulation around what they could or couldn’t do.

Quite a few of the players that didn’t join in training where also seen around the club in some capacity, mostly in the gym.

Stringer is one of those, he was seen by a friend of mine running the 2 km track around the training facility which is when it was reported to me that he was in fantastc shape. This has also been confirmed from other very reliable sources, but I haven’t seen him yet myself.

For all we know he may be working extremely hard in the gym and all the players and staff can see the effort he’s putting in, it’s just not being seen by the 3 or 4 nerds silly enough to go and watch training from the fence outside the ground.


Thanks Nackers

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Was training on today or perhaps tomorrow? Thought they were back today

7th from memory


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