Training Report - Friday 20 January 2023

Absolutely we need good development coaches that are going to be tough on them and develop them.

Their fitness will be better than last year now, this is the benchmark you will see we run GE’s out better this year.

Is training on today?

It’s never only us, but we are always one of the unlucky ones!

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Well, to be fair, the club has absolutely loaded up with coaching staff. There are more of them now than I have seen before.

Also, how about Wednesday? I’ve got the day off and want to head up to Tulla, but it’s a fair haul up from south of the river and I want to make sure it’s actually on. Should be 9:30am, right?

I find it amazing how bad the club is at publicising this stuff. Surely they know the training schedule for the week - why not post it to Twitter/FB and the efc website?

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Pretty sure wednesday is their last day and none on friday as mentioned by regular training watchers



It’s usually mentioned in each training thread at least 3 times.

Thank you very much to everyone who contributes to these reports, I really appreciate it


Yes they have, hence why I think we will surprise this year