Training report Friday January 25

Absolutely north wind gale blowing today which meant marking players struggled and I struggled to keep my cap on.

Short session too, players went into the Hangar just after 11.

I don’t think Crow et al wanted to push the guys too hard in the heat.

There were VFL players making up the numbers today, notably Heath Hocking and Daniel Hanna. I think Hanna impressed some of the coaches.

Rehab group: Daniher, Draper, Begley, Smith, McKenna, Gleeson. All doing running.

Second rehab group (not running): Dea, Heppell, Redman, Bellchambers. Doing boxing and ropes.

Some things I noticed:

Hurley - took part in match sim and looked fine.

Mozzie - smooth mover. One time in defence he gave it off then ran hard and got it back.

Stringer - used in centre stoppages. One stage he got the ball from the ruck and was off in a flash, running past blokes before kicking a beautiful 40m pass on his left foot.

Saad - moved well in match sim. Showed his explosiveness a couple of times, taking on guys. But no long runs.

Mckenna - was running and kicking at reasonable pace in a drill. Granted I’ve only been to 10 sessions in January, but it’s the first time I have seen him run.

Overall I think our injury list is looking good. Only Merrett, Redman and Hooker look a little away from full training.

And it’s the best preseason ever for likes of Myers, Laverde and Fantasia. Fantasia had his hand problem but has lots of miles in his legs and is running out sessions well.

Two pics are Stewart just after taking mark against Long then drilling the shot from the boundary.


Well done for going out in that heat @Begbie

You must be either a mad dog or an Englishman


Englishman? Close. I’m Scottish.


Thanks for the report. Glad it was you out there and not me.
I’m also pleased that the guys didn’t have to train out there for long. Great to hear that Hurley’s ankle is obviously better.

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Has he ditched the stutter by any chance?
He has such a lovely natural action, wish he backed himself in. (The stutter is for someone who is not as naturally gifted, to find a new way to kick straight.)

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Sorry mate I didn’t look closely enough.

Josh Kennedy makes it work pretty effectively

Begbie you are a star. Absolutely committed to cause of training reports.


Absolutely he does. And Buddy makes The Arch work also.
Both those guys have found unique ways to kick effectively, doesn’t mean it works for everyone though. I believe Stewart’s natural action is near perfect compared to those other 2 guys, he just lost confidence when missing goals and tried to change his run up. When he should have worked on his mental approach (confidence).


Thanks Begbie.

You said only Merrett, Redman and Hooker looked a little away from full training.
What about Daniher and Gleeson? Do they look close to you?

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Begbie, A true hero. Having worked in the UAE at 49.5 C I don’t fear the heat, I just like to avoid it these days.


superb effort @Begbie. Much appreciated. And lucky you for getting to ten sessions this Jan. I’ve only been to a handful of training session over the years and it gives one a different perspective on the players and how they go about building a footy team.


Yeah good pick up aboods, Gleeson probably belongs with that group.

Daniher - as I have observed before - is tracking very very well. I am bullish on the big guy.


Every time I hear that Daniher is running is music to my ears, because I take it to mean he hasn’t had any set backs.


…Only 10? What makes you think you are qualified to comment then?:wink:


If Stuart can kick 60+ in a season he can run up backwards for all i care. It was just when he lost form and started missing earlier in the season that the stutter started to get to me. But i’m no kicking coach. It might just be what works best for him.

And that’s despite there only having been 9 sessions* so far.

*citation needed

Need more Shiel pics.

Thanks Begbie… huge effort to get out there today… great to hear most are tracking well. Love that description of Stringer’s play.


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