Training report - Monday 2018-12-17


MattPocock’s training report said “ no Belly” today.

So when was that photo taken?
Is it a real training picture or has Doe been indulging in Stalinist revisions of the truth again?


Belly warmed up with the group but did not train.


I expect an apology from @WindsockBoy


That’s called a light session then - not cause to fret about mystery injury absences



Apologise for rating your image manipulation skills as both high quality and devious?
If you insist.


Let’s not be so rash.



Clarke is about 25cm taller than Hooker. Who knew?


Is that Jackson Merret in the orange?


Oooh, is this the part where we overanalyse a still image of a moving person to create a narrative of pessimism and fear?


But not much taller than the grass.


Recruiting more Bali Bombers?


The player is Houlahan. Apparently.


Houlahan has added some weight to his frame


great pics guys!!


It was a shorter session of around 90 minutes today, again without a great deal of contested work.

There was quite a large group that didn’t train fully today. The modified group was Parish, Smith (who did some running around the second oval for the first time this pre season), Daniher, Gleeson, Baguley, Begley, Brown, Saad and McKenna.

Bellchambers and Redman didn’t train, and Shiel and Stringer were absent and Smack, McNiece and Dea were back with the main group.

I spent a bit of time watching the new boys again today, particularly in the contested handball drills.

Mossie generally has good hands and great movement but will need a little time to get used to the bigger stronger bodies and the pace of ball movement in the drills. He had a couple of fumbles when rushed and also needs some more practice with body contact which he will probably pick up quickly. He certainly looks to have all the tools though.

Ham did a few things to impress me. He had good hands in the drills and followed up really well on one occasion after another teammate fumbled, and later on put in a great chase on a couple of occasions in the half ground drills, something that would definitely endear him to the coaches.

I didn’t see as much of Gown for some reason, but every time I did notice him he looked very assured, and does seem to have a bit of swagger about him.

All three as you would expect need to build up their bodies and we are yet to see what their endurance is like.

Draper again continues to impress, I think his improvement has been more than anyone. Half way through last year he looked a mile off seniors, but by the start of the season I think he will be in front of Clarke as the backup amd maybe even pushing Belly. He has very much a mans body now and is using his strength and athleticism to great affect, as well as a significant improvement in his marking and ball handling in general.

There was a drill at the end of training where the ball was thrown into Zlarke and Draper who tapped down to a pair of midfielders who competed one on one and Dlarke was fantastic as a negating player beating Heppell and Langford on a number of occasions. There must have been some sort of contest going on as there was huge cheering from the onlooking players, the last of which was captured on the video already posted. If we every decide to play a pure tagger I think Dlarke will be the one.


Great stuff nackers. Kudos for going above and beyond for the benefit of all Blitzers. It is very much appreciated. Cheers.



Dosen’t belive in tagging players.

Sidebottom to rack up 25 possies and 3 goals on Anzac day or let Patrick Cripps dominate stopgages.