Training report - Monday 2018-12-17


From reading reports around here, it does seem as if Rutten has been working on pressure and strength in the contest.

So it might not be as much around structure, as one on one football.

Eg : keeping your feet, putting your opponent off balance in the marking contest, etc.

Hopefully will seamlessly assist us, as opposed to taking 8 weeks for it to be accepted.




The bruise free JLT footy concept and pressure/strength in the contest are mutually exclusive.


Richmond certainly went about it differently. I’m pretty sure Dusty and Cotchin and a majority of the tea. played throughout JLT in 17 and 18. Just went hard.


Hardwick was under the pump at the start of 2017, and desperate to show something to keep his job.
Hence the all or nothing approach.
Tried to repeat a winning formula in 2018, and it didn’t quite work.
It could be argued that starting hard cost them later in 2018, as they ran out of puff when the crunch came.


Dunno about that. Teams had over a year to work them out and Collingwood completely outcoached and outplayed them in that final.


Didn’t say it was the only reason they didn’t make it.
Was in the context of someone claiming they were an exemplar for approaching the Whatever Cup as if it was Round 1.

If there’s anything to be drawn from Richmond’s two campaigns it’s that Hardwick is reluctant to change what was once a winning formula- it’ll be interesting to see how he coaches with Lynch in the side.


JLT games are approached differently by different clubs. And clubs can change their approach from year to year depending on what they feel they need. Last year we used it to blend in new players, get game time into certain people, to introduce some new ideas, and reinforce some lessons from the previous year. We got belted by a Richmond side that used it as a statement to try and reinforce the reputation they had made the year before. Regardless of the scoreline, both did what they wanted to do. And that is what those games are for.


Richmond faded a bit at the end of the season ?

  1. they actually won more games than any other team
  2. They had the best percentage.
    3 They stayed on top of the ladder for the last 11 weeks of the season
  3. They were favorites to win back to back.
  4. They were good all year and beat us twice, when we were supposed to be playing really well.

Richmond lost the prelim. Thats not good, but I don’t think their serious approach to the JLT was the reason. .


I would love to see Worsfold make a statement. Put a close to full strength side in (minus a Bellchambers) and juniors on the extended bench. Get them to blow the cobwebs out so we can have an opportunity to rest players post-bye.


Beat us by 8, WB by 3 in the last 2 weeks. Not exactly strong form.



If anything they lost becuase their best player was lame in the prelim. If Martin had have been fit they may have gone back to back.


Faded a BIT.
And I’ll quote my follow up post, which you cheerfully ignore - the preseason approach was NOT the only reason they lost.
I’m responding to the needy fanboys wanting a full bore approach from the start of preseason who used Richmond as an exemplar.
However they were comparatively flat towards the end.
And a limping Martin is the type of price you pay, especially given their demanding game style.


I’ve never understood the thinking that goes, Oh, it’s only a practice match so who cares?

Of course they’re practice matches. But the question is this.

In our practice matches, do we want the guys to practise winning, or are we happy for them to practise losing?

Personally I would rather have them practise winning. Preferably by large margins.


That’s false logic.
It didn’t work for 10 teams, and arguably, 17.


That’s more false logic though.
Because it makes out that there are two things to practice - winning, or losing.


I hope we field a full youth side in JLT one and go flat out trying to smash whoever it is. Put a belting on a good side with the B team and watch the other side crap their pants prior to playing us.


Well they certainly are part of what we’ll be doing, and surely a rather important part. And if you’re practising, say, transition out of defence, don’t you want the transitions to end in goals, and enough of them to win the game? And doesn’t that apply to every bit that we’re practising?


Hi Deckham! Well last year we started the season very badly, thats why I propose a different JLT strategy.
Sure 17 teams didn’t win the flag. We didn’t even get into the 8, when we should have been better than the year before. Basically we fell away like Adelaide and we didn’t even have Tex or a bad experience on the preseason camp to blame it on.


Should have been better than the year before why? We lost a shitload of experience, and were playing a lot of guys in new positions, even in midfield. Even Zerrett played a different role to previous seasons and took a while to get going.
We ended 2018 a far better side than we ended 2017.
We had an easier draw in 2017 and there were arguably less decent sides in 2017.