Training Report - Monday 23rd January

I don’t but Champion Data probably have.

I’m as one-eyed and anti-ump as it comes, and I reckon both gave away many genuine free kicks.

Sometimes that can be caused by you being continually bombarded with incoming kicks that is causes panic and risky defending, but we still gave away too many.


Very interesting post.

My 2 cents for what it’s worth - with Hepps, notwithstanding he is looking to be moving better than last year, at the age of 30, we know what we’re going
to get from him. From what I’ve seen, Martin, Langford and Durham are all ahead of him for the wing role. He’s in my best 22 but on the bench. Whilst he may be ripping up the track in January, the test is what his durability will be like during a long season once he cops a few knocks or gets a few niggles. There were times last year where I thought that if he wasn’t captain, he should/would have been dropped (or picked as a sub like Kelly and Shiel). My worry is that as the season progresses he may go from being the 20th best player to the 24th best player, and being the captain may make it tricky for everyone and place a lot of pressure on him.

We don’t have any natural born leaders amongst the 25+ brigade, there’s no Hirdy or Jobe clearly. But maybe that might open up an option to have co-captains for a couple of years - Merrett, Redman, McGrath; whilst we wait for that leader to naturally emerge from the broader group?

Heppell will provide what he does for the group with or without the title, I think not having it might actually free him up a bit to focus on his football, and at the same time pass on / share some of the responsibility and pressure that comes with it with the others. Just a thought.




this is precisely how i feel and my worries

i dont think he can be captain next year but geez im honestly uninspired about everyone else


It’s not always clear cut how someone responds to the added responsibility with surprises both ways - some flounder and some step up.

If we go for a new captain I’m sure B_Scott will provide good support.

Personally, I prefer a new captain to reinforce the fresh start we needed.


I got $50 on him, think he will poll high for our club at least

Get McKay next year will solve the problem

Is there going to be any Pre-Season Practice matches this year, if so when, as there is no mention of them anywhere.

The only problem with this is, i can’t remember a wingman ever winning the brownlow.

Did Dipper play wing the year he won ?

Keith Greig (x2)

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I think we should be having co-captains.
Hep/Zach, Hep/Mason or even Hep/Shiel (since training watchers are saying Scott is getting Dyl to provide group feedback)

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I cannot understand why co captains is a suggestion. If one person is not good enough having 2 who are not good enough, in my mind does not make it any better it may make it worse.
I would hope there are many players who can lead on any given day, Merrett, McGrath, Laverde, Wright, Langford, Heppell, Shiel, Guelfi, Draper and probably others should be giving less experience players good examples. Unless this happens (amongst other things) we will continue to be a mediocre team. Who is captain will be less important if there the experienced players are providing the best leadership.
edit: include Redman in suggestions for leaders.


Black team smashed red for the first quarter.
2mp came off after a couple of minutes, wasn’t limping that I could see, so not sure on that.
Shiel and Stringer dominating


Damn, wrong training thread

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Essendon have never had co-captains, and l hope we never will.


I think we shouldn’t.

Great block, Also Mc grath caught a bit far back to have any influence on the contest