Training Report - Thursday 2019-01-10


essington, you saucy minx, you… never leave me.


Joe was gone too soon.



Thanks @nackers… Wait for the Blitz meltdown now that Joe D wasn’t even seen today, let alone training. :(:tired_face:

edit… just saw the article that he was sick… pheeeewwwwwww


conjunctivitis - he didn’t see it coming


I can report that I arrived at the Hangar after training had finished. Sorry, I’m no Nackers. Saw Dys, Zerrett, Marty, Myers, Stewart, Raz, Zclarke & Shiel enjoying a latte together in the cafe. Lots of light hearted banter as far as I could tell from a few tables away. Didn’t want to appear to be stalking. All looked in ripping nick. No obvious training injuries. They all appeared to be handling the coffee cups without restriction of movement and none of them hobbled out afterwards.
That’s all I’ve got, other than to say Sheil looked very much at home. Happy days.


conjunctivitis = windy hill flu version 2019


Who gets conjunctivitis? Seriously?


Joey was always gonna contract Pink Eye with his constant rubbing of his troublesome groins.


I thought he got it off Scott Baio?


Much appreciated!



FFS, Joe, wash your hands mate.



Maybe hanging with these dudes?


Joe’s done exactly what every single one of us thought about doing when we woke up for our first working day this year.

He has thrown the famous Australian sickie.

I applaud his balls in doing so.


I applaud his balls for a multitude of reasons.


“… paints a disturbing picture of experimental training methods never adequately controlled or challenged or documented within the club in the period under review…”


To be fair, there’s no grass in that shot to provide scale.


Where was @conjunctivitus while all this was going on?

Hmmm, seems sus. Last post is before xmas, then comes in here to take a pot shot at our resident star training reporter, just before it is subsequently revealed JD has contracted the same virus.

Coincidence?! I think not!!!


Ummm… no.


Thanks, Nackers, for the report. Even though it was just a light session and a short one, you’ve given us a thorough account of it. Your reports are absolutely sensational.