Training Report - Thursday 2019-01-10


Francis not one mention of Francis


Nobody is game enough to look directly at him for fear of their eyes being burnt out of their sockets


That’s pretty impressive, but ‘Mission accomplished’ = Flag!


That must look splendid with his orange capris.


figures he liked it…


Doe to JD: “Gee, Joe, you can’t take a trick. Reckon you will be back to full health by next year?”

JD to Doe: “Dunno. I don’t have 2020 vision”. :wink:


Lack of Francis is a bit worrying. Didn’t he leave training early before the Christmas break?


Yes that’s what I’m worried about


He came into work yesterday morning. Looked fine.


It may ease your mind Wim to know that a slight frown crossed Zerrett’s brow as he checked his text messages whilst drinking his coffee, thereby displaying not only amazing dexterity, but also the desired seriousness of mind required of our leaders.

It is entirely possible that others at the table had similar moments of reflection juxtaposed to the light heartedness which quite rightly causes you concern. Unfortunately I can neither confirm nor deny this as they had their backs to me.

I can confirm however that Marty still has very little bicep definition. This was obvious from all angles.


Langford is looking absolutely ripped.:heart_eyes:


They’re Gen-Ys, they do all their best and most intense banter from behind a keyboard


I’m not sure if serious or not but Francis trained and looked good.

On another note about Daniher apparently he was down at the club a number of times during the break running laps at a good pace.

Jok was also running laps on occasions and was able to blow away anyone running with him.




Millennial Bomber fans at Marvel Stadium watching the footy in 2020



Like how a training session that started at 10am sharp and finished before 11 went for 90 minutes. He obviously didn’t look too hard to see Gleeson also.


I swear half the people I see taking photos or selfies at the footy or anywhere for that matter anywhere are geriatric old fogies


Devon is looking tip, top…


Must have wiped his eye with his sock.


I can see Blitz in October after another lacklustre year: “Should they really have played Joey three times in 15 days with his conjunctivitis?”