Training Report Wednesday 13/12/23

Is there any blitzers at ht ground to give us a proper report on today’s procedings

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First post delivers


It is a punctuation mark free thread




There was an apostrophe in the op.

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Let me do it for you

Stringer= fat
Davey= trained off half back
Caddy= long arms
Draper= did laps
Tsatas= looks very filtered
Jones= outmuscled by the work experience kid
Brad= caught at Keilor Park Drive Maccas downing 6 hash browns


that is true

back to doing the housework


Rumour has it that a light session today as Fridays is going to be a big session( the last of the year)

Jeez this opening post is a bigger let down than our finish to every season for the last 20 years.


I will expand the opening next time just for you

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anyway are you there

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Training in over cast conditions, most of the boys were out there in some capacity a bit more of that later, Standouts for me were, yeah I didn’t actually go


Boys are borderline flying except those that aren’t.

Insofar as I can tell from the northern hemisphere

Caddy taking speckies and dobbing sausage rolls from the car park*

I thought today was the last session of the year so there is a main one on Friday


Training in humid conditions at Tullamarine.

Light session today. If Gold Coast’s pre-season training philosophy is “bring your mouth guard”, ours is “bring your mother” because there was less contact in this session than a loveless marriage.

Modified group consisted of Baldwin, Bryan, Caddy, Caldwell, Cox, Davey, Davey, Draper, Durham, Duursma, Goldstein, Gresham, Guelfi, Hayes, Heppell, Hind, Hobbs, Hunter, Jones, Langford, Laverde, Lual, Martin, McGrath, McKay, Menzie, Merrett, Parish, Perkins, Redman, Reid, Ridley, Roberts, Setterfield, Shiel, Stringer, Tsatas, Visentini, Wanganeen, Weideman and Wright.

Jake Kelly was the only player who completed the whole session unencumbered and is expected to occupy all spots in the best 23 come round 1.

Caddy looked good completing some light drills while his family members gathered in the car park to angrily shake their fists at the Essendon logo.

There was a new player I didn’t recognise - number 7 for Essendon - who looked quite impressive and very vocal for a new player.

Given recent redundancies in the media team, players were required to filter their own photos post session. This appeared to be the most strenuous activity at the session and resulted in Nick Bryan breaking his other hand.

The final session before the Ibiza Christmas break is Friday.


Had me for a bit


while waiting for the training report lets revisit some highlights from @nickers December 22.

Match sim ended up being two quarters, played at what looked like a good level of intensity. It was reds vs blacks, with blacks generally being the more “best 22ish” looking side.


  • Voss with a nice finish at the other end.
  • Durham & Hind work it out of defence, ends up with Voss who drills another lovely set shot, this time from the pocket. He’s a pretty tidy set shot IMO.
  • JDavey & Munkara slotting goals from the left pocket, kicking into the wind. FUN.
  • Martin crunches Snelling in a ripper tackle, ball spills out, Tsatas swoops on the loose ball at pace and spears a laser pass against the breeze to Voss in the pocket, who marks and kicks truly for his 3rd.

Tsatas - Always on the move, hits the contest at pace at the right time, has a really solid frame to grow into. That clean pick up (at pace) and dart to Voss was an early Christmas present.
Martin - Looks set to go up another level IMO. Was terrific on the far wing.
J Davey - I dunno what he’s gonna be doing on the LTI for a year because he was moving fine to me, albeit just doing slower laps & goal kicking.


That’s a very timely reminder of how irrelevant all the match sim in the preseason is.
Voss kicking 3 in a quarter, JDavey looking like he is ready to go, Munkara kicking goals.
12 mths on…


I watched Nic Martin do nothing all pre season 2 years back and then the match sims started and he totally shined. After that was picked up as an SSP and 24 months later is top 3 wingmen in the AFL.

Some match ups do benefit players however. If you were a forward and played on McBride you looked good. Voss had that a few times.

You have to assess each situation and who opponent was. With 12 or so in rehab there will be VFL top ups… so yes it can produce better performances than maybe where they are truly at. There is some like Martin though you can clearly see you have a player.