Training Saturday Feb 8th

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So what about Cutler in the match sim? Was he playing on the wing? And how did he do?

There doesn’t seem to be that much in regards to Cutler over the pre-season. We’ve recruited him to fill a need, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him round 1.

He could be one of those guys that does t catch the eye at training and will step it up come the practice games.

We especially need a mobile ruckman to followup inside the stoppages. We still do not have a rugged big bodied mid (ruckrover in the old parlance) so when combined with the immobility of TBell its no wonder our midfield is average, even though we have plenty of good smaller mids.

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He just blends in. He was matched up on Zaka on the wing and possibly played off half back or was just helping defence. Nothing was eye catching. I thought the other wingman Mutch and Ham were really battling it out but probably due to more space.
Not sure if it’s just me but I find the hangar wing to be more congested and well defended and the other wing always has more space. Same thing at MCG, MCC wing. Maybe more instruction is provided in both cases from that side so their better positioned.


I don’t know which ruckman lays the most tackles but Phillips if consistently played will have high tackle numbers for a ruck.

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cheers - be interesting to see who is selected in the inter-club practice matches

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Interesting and appropriate autocorrect there - heel v heal. The modern Freudian slip. Our rucks never seem to get fit.

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Blues have McKay, De Koning, Casboult who they want in the 22 as forward/rucks, as well as Kreuzer who’ll be their first ruck as long as he wants it, and they were chasing Pittonet with a multi year deal, whilst only offering Phillips 1.

If they were in any way surprised by him wanting out, they’re even stupider than we all thought.


We are in big trouble me thinks if Phillips is meant to carry the side with the centre bounce rules.

We dont have a midfield which screams ability when roving off dominant opposition ruckman as it is.

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Yep. We’d still struggle with Grundy, I reckon.

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Grundy doesn’t hurt you that badly with taps, he’s a pretty good tap but there’s plenty that compete with him there.
He destroys sides at ground level.

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Yeah, that’s true. Let’s just say, our midfield is rubbish at organizing itself let alone sharking any given oppositions ruckman.


Draper running

Irish set shot

Teakle in the ruck



100 metre sprints

Cian McBride (no 41) and Ross McQuillan (39)


Spot on. I rate ridley highly just couldnt see how we could fit him in. Mckenna now playing forward now we can utilise both of them especially if mckenna is on fire as a forward. I just love him as a defender and hope he goes well!


I worry that shutting down Saad will essentially shut down all our rebound with McKenna moving forward. Interested to see how it plays out.


If the intention is to be more conservative taking the ball from the backline then Ridley is the perfect replacement for Conor.

Ridley would be in our top 4 or 5 players for hitting targets under pressure and that will suit the new setup.

I think we never should have dropped Ridley and I think he will develop very well under Rutten.


My recollection is somewhat different. Can’t recall TBC playing much of that game. My recollection is that Phillips took Clarke apart!


I understand the thinking behind being more conservative bringing the ball out of the back line. But at times last year that was literally the only way we could score

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