Training Saturday Feb 8th

Isn’t that just this? Which was supposed to basically be for VFL guys & players missing a start in preseason games.

Looks like we will play two scratch matches against the Demons if the HS article is correct AND the previous info was correct. One prior to the WCE game and one straight after for those who don’t play against the WCE.

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Nah, you’re getting confused.
There is only one game against Melbourne - at Casey Fields on Fri 21Feb. The club says it is for players not required for the Marsh series. HS says Phillips is likely to play, but they are either ignoring, or ignorant of, the “players not required” statement.
There is no second match scheduled after the WC game, which is the following week.

I’ve got a few days off work this week so I have come down to The Hangar to see if training is on.

They all seem to be milling about the Cafe and what not and in their proper game day outfit. I’m guessing it might be team photo day.

@nackers or any other training regulars know if they tend to train on a Tuesday? If so, I’ll hang around a little longer.

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I think training is on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

I know they are in Bendigo for community camp on Thursday and Friday.

Not sure if training is on this Saturday as they will be given a long weekend off post camp.

Ahhh right. I didn’t see anyone report about training yesterday so I thought it may be on today.

Looks like I’m heading home then.

P. S. Thanks @All-Star_Bomber_18

No problem.

I think they had a bit of a recovery session yesterday based on Instagram stories.

Wednesday is normally their day off.

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I just looked up a few posts in this thread and noticed they did train yesterday, my bad. At first I just had a geez for a “Monday 10th training thread” and couldn’t see one so thought I’d try my luck.

Starting to panic. Our first formal pre-season game is 2 weeks away. As far as I know so far we have only done “match sims”, no intra club practice matches and no inter club practice matches.

It is what it is, but nowhere near what some other clubs have already done. So, we must have a secret weapon game plan they don’t want anyone to see, or are ultra risk averse on the injury front. Or both.

Note to self: Relax . It is what it is. At least we don’t have to play a top team in Round 1.

I hope our preparation template is different to last years. We know how that works out…

Are we getting enough game preparation? I guess we will find out in a few weeks time.

What have other clubs done?

training about to start by the looks of it. lots of players in all blue to suggests it might be match sim


Yeah, just as I left I saw an old timer EFC staffer and asked him if they were training at all and he said yeah, a bit later. So I left and did a few things and have just came back. You’re right. AFL umps here. Must be a scratch match.
Tippa not participating and just jogging very lightly I see.


Practice matches ( intra club ) started about 1 month ago at some clubs. Several clubs, Melbourne , Geelong, Collingwood are doing inter club practice matches and training together. Apparently they are sick of dancing with their sisters!

Rehab group consists of McKernan, Bryan, Clarke, Johnson, Cahill, Stewart, Hep, Hibberd and maybe one or two others I’m struggling to identify from my vantage point. And Tippa on his own with a physio doing light run throughs.





Is Hibberd jogging around?

Nah, he’s with the others I mentioned just doing stationary handball drills at the moment. They might build into something more later, we’ll see.

McKenna has the physical tools to be a Robbie gray level forward. I’m very excited that he’s training to play in the front half of the ground… loves a sausage roll


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