Training this week

Anyone able to update training days at The Hangar this week?

Wednesday is an open training session. Listed in website

Thanks ASB18.
I’m hoping that means they’re also training tomorrow!:roll_eyes:

They had the weekend off. Open training Wednesday, playing on Friday so you’d assume tomorrow there would be a session. Probably a bigger one than Wednesday.

I’m crossing fingers I’ll be there Wednesday.

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Friday is the Casey fields game?

Have the feeling they may have tomorrow off too and back Tuesday. But not 100% sure


Wednesday will be a captains run I think, Today should be a decent run around.

No sign of players. Must be the Coronavirus!:roll_eyes:


Just spoke to James Kelly. Players have today off!:-1:t3:



Got to be kept ‘fresh’ for the Marsh Cup!!:joy:

Better hope that none of them get snapped laughing and enjoying themselves too much… this place might go in to melt down.

… and the beer… god forbid we see ANY beer.


Philosophical question: If the Bombers train and nobody’s there from Blitz, did they really train?


Or if a Blitzer was there but didn’t post about it, were they really there?

Hang on, I’m off to try and find a tree and ask it.

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I can’t imagine many of our players will play at Casey on Friday. It’s then only a 6 day turnaround to a Perth trip which you’d assume will be pretty warm. Besides, Melbourne play Adelaide at Casey the next day. My guess is it’ll largely be VFL lists (with only a few AFL listed players) having a run at Casey on Friday

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Or any Mankinis

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I’d love to see pretty much everyone under 24 play. Stuff the 6 day break, play them for a half. McGrath and Parish need a confidence boost game like this not only for them but to show the coaches what they can do if they can get off the leash.
It’s a pretty good midfield collective too; Parish, McGrath, Langford, Clarke, Guelfi, Ham, Mutch plus Laverde, Snelling, Redman, Begley, (McKenna & Draper). Also some decent defenders in Francis, Ridley and Zerk. It’s the closest group of players within a few years of each other that I’ve seen for quite some time at Essendon.