Training Thu 12th March Captains Walk

Overcast conditions at the True Value Solar Centre with a crowd of about 10. I almost wasn’t going to bother with a training report as the session went for less than 25 minutes.

Tim Watson made an appearance with a camera crew, presumably filming a promo for something wuth a few staged shots of him walking the boundary bouncing a ball. HS photographer Wayne Ludbey was also there taking pics of the players.

Only the players featuring in tommorows Nab Challenge game were present. After a few warm ups there were two main drills. First involved being in small groups 70m from goal working the ball around before someone break through running towards and kicking for goal. The second drill start in congestion in the backline in a full ground drill working the ball all the way to goal.

Overall they never really got out of first gear and I thought they were sloppy at times. I noticed Goddard made a few left foot passes with deadly accuracy but besides for that nothing else stood out. Reality was it seemed they were just blowing out some cob webs.

Finally the fowards had some goal kicking practice while everyone else went back inside. I decided to keep an eye on Kyle Langford who was kicking from about 40 to 45m out from 5 metres inside the boundary. He kicked 4 goals, 3 behinds and an out on the full. His action seems fine.

Not much more to report really, the mood seemed jovial, while there were a couple of expletives yelled when some players messed up.

Thanks Phil.