Training Thu 17/3/22

Training in cool, overcast conditions.

This was a tune up session for Saturday and I decided to focus on three players:


I’m happy to report that the signs are encouraging. Anthony joined in all the drills and was able to follow the play at reasonable, but not top pace, although I did see one burst of his old speed. He didn’t get many touches, but small steps I guess.

He did lots of goal kicking practice today - especially from acute angles in the pocket and he hasn’t lost any of his skill in this area.

Perhaps the thing that cheered me the most was when he engaged in some banter with a know-it-all peanut leaning on the fence. When he missed a shot this individual suggested he should have kicked it with his left foot. “Left foot eh?” said Walla, with a big grin. I took this as a sign that he is feeling somewhat more comfortable mentally which is the most important aspect of his recovery.


I get the impression that he is fit enough to be named tonight, provided that he doesn’t pull up sore.
His knee is taped, but he appeared to be unhampered and completed all the match simulation highlighted by a fine, juggling overhead mark. His preseason has been impressive and aggressive and his role in the forward line will be very interesting.


He was practising shots from the boundary line in the manner that Walla likes to set himself difficult scenarios. At first he mainly missed using a combination of drop punts, bananas and using the outside of his foot and gradually warmed to his task becoming more and more accurate.

The highlight which sums it up for me, perhaps not witnessed by other players or spectators, was when he played keepings-up with the ball, like soccer players do, flicking the ball up with his instep or knees. Suddenly, after half a dozen of these controlled flicks he volleyed the ball out of mid air (shades of Draper’s kick against St Kilda) for a goal, from this most acute angle.

There’s definitely something special here IF it can be harnessed.

n.b. Snelling did not train today apart from a few handballs with Hurley. Injured, ill, rested??? I don’t know but he didn’t do much on Tuesday either.

So ends the 150th pre-season - full of hope but once again frustrated by injuries. The more it changes the more it stays the same.


Thanks for the report jackie. Can you compare our buildup to the other 150 pre-seasons? I assume you’ve seen most of them :grinning:


Great report as usual, @jackie_mihocek , despite the absence of Tiff sightings and comments.

What’s your impression of the mood of the players. Early on the reports from others were full of remarks about their intensity and focus and determination to take a big step this year, but those remarks have been absent for a while now, and you didn’t say anything similar yourself. You’re a very seasoned observer of training. What’s your dispassionate assessment? Do you sense that the players as a group are really ready and itching to get out there and take some scalps? Or is it now feeling more like another business-as-usual pre-season?

Thanks for the report, feel Wanganeen could be special.

How was Waterman looking, back in touch, completed full training?

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Thanks for the report, you know-it-all peanut.

We’re sooooooo going to be fined if we do that (one day early).



Are teams not named on the Thursday anymore? Can’t keep up.

Teams are named when Bevo says theyre named.


With Stinger out, its good news that Francis might be fit enough to play.

They went back to Thursday naming late last season. I haven’t heard of any change since then


I’m sure they will still construct a reason to fine us.

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Thanks for your fantastic report @jackie_mihocek

One question: what time did they start training?

They will probably fine the VFLW team for having 500+%

Nothing wrong with the mood of the players - it’s subjective but I feel there is real engagement with the game plan.

Losing two traitors last year also gives the place a more united air.


Waterman has mainly done running this pre-season - specific reason unknown.

He has not been very impressive in practice matches - possibly as a result of the above.

He trained with the full group today and was fine although at one stage he was wringing his hand. Minor episode I would think.

If Snelling is out he may very well be in v other contenders Hams and Guelfi.

My preference would be Guelfi.


If Snelling is out there’s only one answer, and that begins with W and isn’t Waterman.

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Thanks @jackie_mihocek, loved the report… esp the bits about Walla and Tex.

Thanks Jackie, any comments on stringer’s session?

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Thanks Jackie…….can you get Tiffany to take a look at Jakey’s groin and provide an update on when it’ll be ready to perform? :flushed::roll_eyes: