Training Thursday 5th March

I popped down to training after I saw on Instagram the boys were heading out to train. I missed the warm up but the boys were out on the Marvel size oval for about an hour. It was drizzling so skills weren’t the focus today.

Notes on players

Did not see/ training indoors

Ambrose, Heppell, Hooker, Daniher, Smith, Mozzie, Gleeson, Townsend, Snelling and Phillips.
*Note Daniher did have a running session yesterday outdoors


Draper – was back running on the main oval after not training last week.

Johnson - running

Back in main training

Stewart – building on from last week, was in full training including match situation drills (could play a few qtrs in the VFL this week, just my opinion)

Hibberd – Same as Stewart

Bellchambers – Great news, back to full training and competing in midfield/ruck drills with Bryan. Looked quite good, moved well (Hooker did suggest in his triple M interview, Belly was moving well) I suggest he will have some game time this week somewhere.

Cutler – Back to full training after being sore last week.

Everyone else completed full training, including Mckenna and Redman. Lockyer was there and trained with the backs, however no sign of Teackle.

Most of training was focused on getting structures right, through full and half ground drills which was taken by Truck and Cara. Players were split into Backs, Mids and Fwds for the second half of the session, working on ball movement and craft.

McKenna trained with the forwards, Guelfi trained with the backs, Mutch also did some drills with the backs.

The main session is on Saturday morning with the captains run on Sunday.


This is real good news.

Q: Any surprises in terms of personnel in the Fwd/Back/Midfield set ups you mentioned?

Thanks for the report.

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Like that McKenna is training forward - hopefully he’ll enjoy it & cause some massive headaches for opposition backs (he has mentioned before he’d like to play forward). It also gives us options to play him at either end.


Good news re Bellchambers, hoping he gets a half against the cats.

benfti said Teacle isnt training anymore.

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Good work on the report!

Another 6 players back available for some game time be it vs Cats or VFL.

McKenna. Belly. Cutler. Hibberd. Stewart. Redman.

The cavalry is coming.

Should be some big in’s vs Cats including Stringer.


and Redman

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Against the Cats, want to see Phillips as the main ruckman interchanging with Bellchambers as a deep KP and McKernan out CHF and Stringer as 3rd tall.

Complementing the 3 tall forwards, we would then have Fantasia, Walla, McKenna and Snelling as the small forwards.

So, 7 forwards: Bellchambers, McKernan, Stringer, Fantasia, Walla, McKenna and Snelling.

As for defence, we have to play McBride as neither Hooker and Ambrose are available. McBride is the only genuine KP defender we have to take on gorilla forwards and must start on Hawkins. Zerk Thatcher to small and skinny and will be rag dolled. We know Redman is back training and Guelfi training with the defenders.

So, 7 defenders: Hurley, Francis, McBride, Saad, Ridley, Redman, Guelfi.

Assume Heppell will not be right for Round 1, our 8 mids look like:
Rucks: Phillips, Shiel, Merrett
Centres: Langford, Smith, Zaharakis
Interchange: Ham, Parish

That makes the 22. Given we get play 26, the other 4 players I would include are:
Zerk Thatcher, Laverde, Townsend, Bryan (good to trial him in both the ruck and up forward given Bellchambers probably won’t play out 4 quarters).

I probably have left out an obvious inclusion. Mozzie comes to mind (say in for Townsend). It comes down to who the selectors think will play in Round 1.


That and if we lose him at the end of the year it won’t upset the structure and understanding of the backline as much.

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Just filling the spot while Mossie builds some endurance.

Still, how were the skills in the wet? And did they practice a wet weather style of footy?

I would say during match sim drills they were practicing wet weather conditions. For example, Bellcho would tap it down in front from the ruck, boys would fight over the ball and then aim to get it forward as quick as possible. However going into forward 50, they still tried to find the best option before kicking it to the goal square as a last resort.


Did you see a new blond player training at the club today? Any idea who he is?


Might be Tom Hird.

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Baptism of fire , reminds me of Sheeds throwing Fletch in the ruck then against gorilla forwards at the age of 17/18.




We saw this against WC glad this has been a focus.

No longer we will see long high bombs to the fwd line hoping for the best.

Sounds like Dan Jordan has been some good work as fwds coach.


Go back and watch the replay against WCE when he was on Kennedy.

Ragged dolled out the way with ease yep Hawkins will munch him with ease.