Training Wednesday 1/7/20

Training this morning in sunny conditions with a strong wind from the north.

This is the first session for the week so far, there will probably also be a light captains runs tomorrow in the lead up to the game.

Quite a few players today either didn’t train or had short sessions:

Bellchambers started in a small modified group with Hurley, Gown and Jones doing some handball in front of the Hanger.

Bellchambers didn’t complete any more of the session, Hurley was in a modified group for the first half of the session before joining the main group for the last half.

Gown then just walked a couple of laps of the oval with Fantasia, which was all either of them did. I had a brief chat with Fanta as he walked passed, he said he would be fine for Friday just getting additional rest.

Francis looked very sore and appeared to be doing a fitness test, he must be in some doubt for Friday’s game.

We think we sighted Redman early but if so he wasn’t out there for long and didn’t do at least the last 3/4 of the session.

Mutch joined in full training with his wrist brace on.

Cutler didn’t come out at all, McQuillan did some work inside but didn’t come out onto the track, while Mcbride completed the whole session.

Heppell and Hird again did some ballwork on the sidelines in their moonboots, and Ambrose was there as well with a moonboot and crutches.

Jones and Johnson just did running on the second oval and were the only ones in a modified group.

In good news McKenna completed the whole session and looked sharp, I would think he will be selected.

Hibberd looks set to debut this week, the whole group was brought together followed by a huge cheer with most players then coming up to congratulate him. There was no similar recognition for Phillips, so either he isn’t playing or the decision hadn’t been made yet.

The session again alternated between working in 5 separate groups and coming together to practice full field plays. In the groups Draper was doing everything and looking good, Daniher did everything except some tackling drills, but also was moving very well. At one stage he kicked a low bouncing goal from inside the centre circle, aided by a strong wind.

In the full group drills a lot of it was around player positioning, with it being repeatedly stopped and Rutten then explaining where he wanted players to be and run to. There did seem to be some attempt to move the ball on quicker at times, but there was also a lot of stop start with short kicks to leads.

As the full group session is still non contact it looks very hard for the players to practice much in terms of skills as they have to repeatedly pull out to avoid a tackle or marking contest, resulting in it looking quite sloppy overall.


Thanks again Nackers for providing the goods.

Any indication of where Parish may play this week? Was he training with the fwds like usual or does it look like he may finally get a real crack in the midfield?

Not sure I like the idea of so many doing light sessions. They have only played one game in nearly 3 weeks. Thanks for the report.

So Phillips and Hibberd in. Blitz selection committee working hard.

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Really hoping for Phillips to come in

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If i lose my job cos of covid, I’m opening a high-end moonboot boutique next to the hangar. Easy money.


He was training with the mids but then again he normally does. Nothing really to tell from today’s session.


Hibberd will certainly be in, I’m not at all sure about Phillips as much as I would agree with his selection


Thanks Nackers. If you got the time could i get your opinion on the carlton game? Bomberblitz went off with huge rage, are we really in huge trouble or did that crap week with all conors covid nonsense effect us?

I just think all the oldies are cooked and have to be moved on. time for the younger gen to shine.

I’ve got a bit to do this afternoon, I’ll try and put something in the match review thread later tonight.


No worries, Thanks!

Good news with JD progressing further and Hibberds inclusion.

Not so Francis, BZT might be getting the call up. Albeit to be honest it might work best if he played on Mihocek anyway. Hurley dropping back to 3rd tall again on DeGoey

Bellchambers has surely if he sore (from all that pushing his body to limits!) got to be either out of side or paired with Phillips


With Francis maybe an out, its a good thing Marty played. He will be better for having played last week.
That puts Conor more in the frame for selection than out of it based on Nackers report and its not even “risk for reward” we are running low on half back flankers, hard to believe, but true. !

who was positioned as deepest forward ? :thinking: :thinking:

If McKenna comes in, I reckon it’ll be for one of Gleeson or Francis (if Francis is injured).

We don’t need to go in with an overly tall backline given the weather IMO.


I’m hopeful the team mistook him for Francis and that Phillips is actually selected in the 22.




Thanks Nackers. Your reports always bring some good news which is appreciated after feeling so disappointed since our loss.


Many likes.


thanks :slight_smile:

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