Training Wednesday 20 December

Yep, Van der Haar, Duckworth & Scarey would have barbecued their cows, eaten them, then walked up the hill.


They were supposed to, but complained to the AFLPA, but found a big queue of Melbourne players in front of them. When they asked for Matt Finnis knowing he’d give them a sympathetic hearing, were told he wasn’t there. Something about dwarves and schoolgirls, apparently.


Thanks ASB for the report, every time I jump on to BB and find a training report I think how lucky we are to have this place.

Very hard not to get excited about Jakey Stringer right now. And it’s good to hear that Mason Redman’s been prominent, I’ve always liked his nasty streak and he definitely has the knack … hopefully he takes the next step in 2018.


With Vanders smoking a packet of Marlboro Red

Seems to be everyone over 190 cm …

Are we running an apartheight regime?


Now that would be a tall story.

Carlisle would have been high enough.


Bravo Sir.

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I saw Vanders with his wife and kid years ago at Southern Cross having a smoke while waiting for the train.

Was after the Essendon V Hawks game.

deluded if anyone thinks he isnt