Training Wednesday 20 December

Headed along to training yesterday but didn’t have time to document my notes, so here it goes…

Training in beautiful conditions at “The Hanger”

Absent: Francis, Ridley, Brown and Colyer (I went to a session last week also and didn’t see Brown or Colyer, not sure what is up there)

Modified Group: The usual - Hurls, Joe, Hooker, T-bell, Burger, Raz, Hep, Lav II and Mckenna. All of which seemed ready to go and completed separate drills on the Etihad oval.

Running laps: Saad, Long and Tippa

Draper doing ruck drills with Jamar

First year players doing their own thing, working on skills.

It was a massive session for the boys with the focus continuing on contested drills in small groups. A lot of small sided games with 5 a side trying to get through a maze of players without turning over the ball.

Another drill which I found interesting involved the group split in 2 and both starting in opposite goal squares. 5 players from one side of the ground would take off and proceed to work the ball down the ground between themselves. When they got to the other end, another 5 players would take off to work the ball back up the other way, however this time the first group become defenders with the aim to stop the progress of the 2nd team moving the ball up the field. Teams of 5 would then swap around between attack and defense.

I must say Stringer did stand out in the contest work and looks fit. Zaka was one of the best performed in the whole session.

I also like the progress of Redman, a bit of a forgotten man, but he has put on some muscle and looks ready for AFL (body wise), however what position does he play? Training with defenders at the moment.

A few observations

  • Mutch looks fitter, more toned
  • Hartley has put on serious muscle around the shoulders, looks like he has more intent to improve
  • Begley has dropped his puppy fat

All looking great as it only December so not many negatives. Hopefully we see most of the boys back in full training after Christmas


No wonder he has fitness issues, he is never training!

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Begley and Redman are interesting prospects.

Would love to see them both get some gametime but just dont reckon itll happen

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Legend status All_Star_Bomber_18.



That is a seriously handy modified group.

Thanks for the Training report. All Star.

I’m curious as to how we are modifying them… bionics?

Hooker, modified forward or modified back?

This close to Chrissy l thought they might be given an easier session, glad to hear that wasn’t the case. The drill sounds like it was productive, get them to switch mindsets from attack to defence, promotes two way running.

Thanks for the report.

Any further updates or inside word on whats up with Francis?

The supplements didn’t work out quite that well, so…


Looks like we’ll have all our ruckman out for round one, except for…

Redman to step in to BJs role through the year, be given No 9 in 2019 and change his name by deed poll before start of the year. Take some angry pills and develop hatred of pretzels. Transition complete


Wow Francis is cooooked.


How did Langford look in the contested drills.

Is Lav training with the mids or forwards?

Bellchambers, during a SEN radio interview Tuesday, mentioned that his main ‘full-on’ training sessions were Monday and Friday and that Wednesday is his “light” day. This regime is due to his injury history and his age - he’s fully fit.

Shows that the modified group isn’t just for players who are injured or coming back from injury but also includes fully fit players who are on light training that day.


Why aren’t the players running up mountain paths with baby cows on their backs and as the cow gets bigger they get stronger?


I believe some of the players are lactose intolerant


Lactic acid intolerant


In the 80s when real men played that ■■■■ wouldn’t be tolerated.

Or Hindu

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