Truth or Otherwise

I have no doubt the above story is TRUE.

The number of little details make it sound like a true story.
Giving a ten year old The Truth doesn’t sound very responsible, but who knows with those rascally entertainment types.
I knew a kid who knew a kid who did the ‘Yipee!’ on the cash a can ad, so claims to fame were very small back then and not telling anyone doesn’t ring true to me.

I’m leaning towards very clever lie.

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Close call so far. 4-3 currently in favour of “that’s crap, mate”.

To be fair, I’m only calling it crap in the context of this game.
If you’d just said it, I’d have accepted it unquestioningly.

false. but believe there are truth elements ie holidays with aunt in 1981

Diggers should have opened this up with:

“I’m a Sydney Swans supporter”

So we could finally call bullsh*t on it.

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The most concerning thing about it if it’s true (and I’m leaning that way) is that I’ll have to get my head around the fact that Diggers is 51 years old! and even more problematic therefore changed club allegiances in his 40’s!


Sounds true to me.

In another life was Activities Officer (entertainment) for 2 years on the student executive at Swinburne, nearly 50 years. I had to pay bands after their performances and met Renee Geyer at one stage. She had a sore throat at the time, but l was so taken by the smokiness of her voice, that l kept her talking more than l should have.

The ‘Nays’ have it.

Would I have loved to have been part of a Renee Geyer music video? Fark yes. Did I participate in the filming of her “Say I Love You” music video? The answer is mournful, NO. Maybe one day, but not that day in 1981.

@Tyler, over to you.


If anyone has a good story/lie and wants to sub in feel free. Im a little busy and taking some time to think through my options.

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Over to you.

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Jeff Kennett told me not to take drugs in approx 1994

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The not so suppressed anger makes a lot of sense now.

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The serious answer would be yes. He did it in a genetic way at a school shindig when premier.


False. Next!

@Preliminary_Point2 you’re up!

All the nerdy kids at my primary school got shipped off to some “don’t do drugs” event. His hair back in those days was genuinely spectacular

Ok my story.

Ive only ever been charged and gone to court twice in my life, unfortunately the cases were on the same day.

Can I be David Mitchell?

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No way you’ve been charged once, let alone twice.