Truth or Otherwise

Inspired by Would I lie to You.

-I post about something that I may/may not have done/experienced and or had some involvement in, you decide whether or not if I can be believed by replying with either TRUE or FALSE (or colourful variations of). Once 5x of either answer has been received, I will reveal the truth or otherwise…

I will then select a respondent whom provided the correct answer to which then they will continue the process.

Whilst on holiday in Melbourne to visit my aunt and cousins in 1981, I was asked to act as a paperboy in a music video for Renee Geyer’s ‘Say I Love You’, only to subsequently discover that my scene had been cut when watching Countdown several months later.


In fact you were a fluffer for the skyhooks for a 1978 film clip.


Sounds plausible. TRUE

I thought everyone already knew that?

Why/how did they choose to ask you?

My aunt knew some people who were working on the video.

What was your reaction when you realised you had been cut?

Better question, how many people had you already told about your appearance?


Not too disappointed as I’d forgotten about it by the time the video was released. I was more into footy then music at the time.

Bugger all. As I’d forgotten about it pretty much by the time we returned to Perth.

That’s one silver lining!

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How old were you at the time?

Your age was the only reason I said “false” for the fluffer story.


I think a 10 year old would have been pretty excited to be in a music video in the 80s and would have told his friends at school so I am going to say its a lie.

But what about the Renee Geyer claim?


It’s less plausible than me being unlucky in having a security vehicle pass by just as I threw a boomerang in Tiananmen Square, with them coming over for “discussions” afterward.

I’m gonna say True.

Because if you were going to lie, I think you’d pick a better one, especially for the first go.


What was the newspaper?

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The Truth.

It was a real eye opener for a lad of only 10. We didn’t have that kind of publication in WA back in 1981.