Trying to watch NAB Cup

Might not be in the right forum but I tried to sign up for the live streaming of the AFL NAB CUP for the 4 week trial.

Tried 5 x to sign up.

Says my session expired.

Says I need to complete payment details ( for when they try to roll me on to the weekly subscription).

I get on the phone.

Go through the hoops then get cut off.

Try again and then get a Phillipino who wants to know if I am a Telstra customer (as if) and doesn’t know anything about the AFL / Telstra website.

I wait 15 minutes.

Then he tells me there is an outage on the website. Well how did I get to the signup page?

Anyone else been able to sign up to watch it?

I got Jasmine live?

Seeing RED I tell ya.

Signed up…im a telstra customer so it was easy

I reckon the AFL are missing the boat with the lack of live coverage.

Looking for a sporting fix, I’ve spent time both last night and tonight watching the NRL on FTA TV.

I wonder how many others have done the same…if NAB Cup was on FTA, I’d have been watching that.

anyone know of a stream i can watch of the game today? absolutley ■■■■■■ desperate!

i will try here

edit - this link working for me