Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


nicholls is cheating scum… I’m really bad at haiku’s


I don’t know if I posted this last week or not but I have been thinking about it lately that he’s one of very few coaches to have not coached from the interchange. From how I see it is that Harding is feeding nearly everything to John and it may be better to just receive it via the phone from Harding. Let Harding get his info from the analysts, eye test, discuss with the other coaches and phone it down to Woosha to communicate to the players. My uneducated opinion is that there is disconnect between coach and players and this change can be beneficial.


Well done bringing this up WindsocksBoy. I don’t know why Blitzers criticize Ambrose so much. Anyone he is asked to play on normally has zero impact which is a magnificent achievement…he is probably our most consistent performer. He is not afraid to stand up to any opposition player and has his teammates’ backs.


A contemporary haiku:

falling leaves…
our team holds on
for a win


King Kong? More like “George of the Jungle”



The winter comes on
Slopfest awaits
In March it was over


AFLCA votes this week… Stringer an interesting dichotomy.

8 David Zaharakis (ESS) = 5+3 or 4+4
8 David Mundy (FRE) = 5+3 or 4+4
5 Jake Stringer (ESS) = 5+0
3 Zach Merrett (ESS) = 3+0
2 Matt Guelfi (ESS) = 2+0 or 1+1
2 Dylan Shiel (ESS) = 2+0 or 1+1
2 Michael Hurley (ESS) = 2+0 or 1+1


Reckon Woosh gave Stringer the ‘5’.


I was at a wedding on Saturday and couldn’t get to the game, so I’ve been watching the recording tonight.

I’ve just reached half time and honestly don’t know if I can be bothered watching the rest. What a rubbish game of football!

Our skills were deplorable and all that can be said about the result is that Fremantle’s were worse. Dropped marks, fumbles, shocking kicks, shocking handballs … everything was poor.

I’m going to the Richmond game but I fully expect to see a 10 goal loss. Football of the standard we’ve played this year is so far off what’s acceptable that we don’t deserve to make the finals. There was a thread last week about there being something seriously wrong, and the fact that we scraped a win against another sub-standard side doesn’t change the fact that whatever was seriously wrong, it’s still there.


Now we know why Taberner didn’t bob up with a match winning 4 goal haul compared with the 0 he managed.
Stress fracture in his foot. Probably nobbled by his own medical staff who have loaded him up too much since his last foot fracture.


We wouldn’t do that to our own players


I’m ok with Joey doing dumb stuff with the ball in hand and taking some risks, you don’t kick goals in modern footy without taking calculated risks.

It’s what he does when he doesn’t have the ball that concerns me… sometimes I watch him running around the forward line and think ‘what is the point of all the energy that you’re wasting??’. He doesn’t close down opponents, he doesn’t get to smart positions to reduce options, he just seems to run from A to B like a big, gangly giraffe waving his arms around. There’s no purpose to his actions. That’s where I’d be investing my coaching dollars


Maybe it’s not a good idea having fireworks before the game in an indoor stadium ?


By the way, when did they drop the pre-match air raid siren?


Now that you mention it, I think it has been gone all season. We do the ‘wave your scarves’ thing.


Deadset, a few people would’ve had to ok that. How farking stupid can you be? Next they’ll start lobbing smoke grenades because we’re the “bombers”.


Or we will have to change our name due to political correctness.

Come to think of it you’d have to change your avatar name too.


That day will come, don’t you worry. :frowning:


I am sweating on it. :cold_sweat:


So you say, Dambuster - so you say…