TV show thread (2022-?)

Mate there’s this things called a spoiler, the one you don’t use at the back of your car

How long do you have to use spoiler tags for as what I mentioned aired 3 years ago and 2 seasons ago.

I don’t think that logic really applies. I haven’t watched it but don’t know if I’ll bother now.

Luke is Chewbaccas Aunty

See. It’s not hard.

I’d say spoilers would be polite for any show still running.

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Latest season of Home and Away is good but the show did fall away when Bobby died in a boating accident.


I thought it was just after Alf ate a sandwich which had Bouncer in it

It was a crossover special

Finished black bird tonight.

For anyone into dramatised serial killer shows, this was a good’un


Watching only murders in the building. It’s pretty good. 2 seasons and light.

Trying she hulk. A big meh.

Both on Disney +. Which I’ve been meaning to go through the back catalog of the movies. Looks extensive.

Also been meaning to give paramount a spin. Any shows anyone recommend from it?

I was only a kid in the 80s but every Sunday night we would go to my Nans house for dinner. My Dad served overseas which intern his younger sister ( my aunty ) was obsessed with Mash so we used to watch it every Sunday. Even as a young kid thought it was good. Have watched it on re runs over the years. Would watch it again


Really enjoyed it also. I thought Taron Egerton was excellent. (Apple TV for those wondering)


Haven’t quite finished the first season of The Sandman.
I’m stretching it out.
I friggin’ love it, but then I loved American Gods.

I love the world building.
I love how it takes its time.
I love the characters.
Morpheus is…lol…dreamy.

Some episodes are…quite disturbing.


Ok - so watching season 6 of BCS - episode where they swapped the safe in Nacho’s house and left the number of the hotel in the envelope where he is holed up. Why ? Did they want him dead? I don’t get it. They set up him up but we’re supposed to be getting him out of Mexico.

I’ve been watching the new version of Around the World in Eighty Days on Foxtel/Binge.

Comparing it with the David Niven, Robert Newton version, they’ve made one big change. The Indians (in India) are now being played by actual Indians rather than Shirley McLaine.

One interesting bit of casting has a female journalist accompanying Phileas Fogg (David Tennant) and I knew her face was familiar. I was surprised to realise it was Leonie Benesch who played Greta in Babylon Berlin. She played someone who got involved with the early Nazis and was beheaded for her crime. She speaks totally unaccented English, which I find surprising.

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Ham is in lord of the rings the rings of power


Echoes on Netflix goes alright, was just looking for something to watch and watched the whole season and a half in 2 days, just has that, have to watch the next episode binge

Really enjoying the LOTR show. Really interested to see where it goes from here


Yes, there’s a few problems with it - or likely problems as it progresses - but I just watched episodes one and two and it’s pretty decent.

Watched the first episode last night. Visually stunning. Crank up the HDR if you’ve got the option.
The show itself felt slow, too many characters introduced in one episode. I’m going to persevere with it but it will need to have a clearer storyline in the upcoming eps.

I enjoyed it, but I did want to poke Elrond in the eye with a stick.

I’m really loving it so far, for me the story has been clear but they’re not plonking everything on the table, leaving some mystery which I like. Visually this is the most stunning TV Show you’ll ever see, I was just gobsmacked by how gorgeous every scene was. Better than the films. As for the story, yes on the slower side but I think it’s been super compelling so far. I’m happy to take my time immersing myself. I’m a big LOTR fan so I’ve already got some theories I’ll be fascinated to see if I’m correct.