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Ever notice when you post, you kill the thread?

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Loved episode 1 of House of the Dragon


Bit of DV and violence towards kids in the second episode of My Brilliant Friend. Different era, different society.

Jury is still out for me…I’m not that invested in any of the characters so far

And the uncle looks like he belongs in LOTR as an elf

Must say I’m looking forward to this more than House of the Dragon


Welcome to Wrexham
Ep 2 reminds me of Essendon fans


Better be about subarus

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If her phial isn’t yellow, we riot.

(written as an Angband player, who also thought the “pillar dancing” scene with the troll in the first movie was by far the best thing in the entire interminably-drawn-out trilogy)

Yeah, do a skid

Na, Ryan Reynolds and old mate from Always Sunny in philly buy Wrexham and try to get them up to Div 2 English Footy

Anyone watch Slow Horses? Really enjoyed it - political thriller.


Anyone had a look at Temple on stan, with Mark Strong? Recommended?

I just started watching MAS*H. You can stream it on Disney. I remember it being on tv as a kid and laughing at some of the one liners but didn’t really know what was going on. It’s actually quite funny, even today. Allen Alder as Hawkeye is just brilliant, and I’m starting to think he might have inspired Jerry Seinfeld. Basically none of the drafted mobile hospital characters want to be in the war and are struggling to treat the wounded with what supplies they have, and they will go to hilarious lengths to get what medicine and equipment they need… and if they were to get caught, or kicked out, that would probably be a bonus.
Halfway through the first season and as expected some of the comedic themes are a bit politically incorrect, e.g. nurses are toys to flirt with and it’s ok to drug people to keep them out of the way. It’s been good to watch it with my 9 yo though, as it’s only PG and brings up a lot of discussion points about war and the draft, 70’s and 80’s culture, the cost of war and getting funding/supplies for a hospital.
Probably not for everyone, and perhaps I’m enjoying studying the show rather than being fully immersed in it, plus there’s the nostalgia factor.


I’ve watched MASH, multiple times for most of my life. It used to be my ‘go to’ show when there was little else that appealed. Even when I know the plot of an episode well, I still enjoy the clever and witty dialogue and often incredibly poignant moments in time. It’s a brilliant show.


Started black bird last night, first two eps are pretty good.

Taron Edgartown can calm down on the shirtless pics there. Notice my wife side eyeing me while I’m munching on a bag of corn chips while he stands there half naked.


Waiting for the final episode of season 6 (its last season) of ‘Animal Kingdom’ to drop tomorrow before having an after work binge during the week.

Loved Season 1 & 2 in particular when it first came out… 3 & 4 were good without being great and thought season 5 was pretty underwhelming so hoping the show can end strongly.

Ellen Barkin leaving in Season 4 left a massive hole.

I thought the final episode was really good and the final season was better than season 5.

It did fall away when Smurf died.


This is all true, but dang… Young smurf…


Spoilers guys!


Also turned out Penny had some hidden assets I didn’t predict!

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