TV Show Thread (Not English language)

There are only a handful of posters who watch subtitled series), so better to keep these away from all that US stuff.

Started watching a true-crime 5-parter on Netflix…The Alcasser Murders - a town near Valencia on Spain’s east coast.

In 1993, three girls were taken while hitch-hiking to a nearby town’s night-club. Their bodies were found a few weeks later and it all seemed fairly obvious who’d done it. His family said he was a terrible, violent person. But then the father of one of the girls started doing his own investigations…and then went on television and accused a network of high-placed paedophiles and murderers of doing it. And named names - mayors, police chiefs, etc etc. Similar to that alleged ring in Adelaide with Bevan von Einem all those years ago.

Intersperses between the original 1993 television and today (2019 when the show was made). Still 2 and a bit episodes to watch, so i wonder what came out of it all.


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its ok noonan your elitism reeks anyway

Finnish series Enemy of the People on SBSOD is worth a look.

A journalist for a regional paper investigates the death of a local sporting hero and the potential unlawful activities of his friends. Who’s done the deed is known very early so it’s not a traditional whodunit. Social media trolling is a prominent theme, hence the series title.

I’ve just back onto Rebecca on SBSOD. It’s a rehash of the UK series, Marcella, starring Anna Friel, which has done the rounds.

A couple of actors from Call My Agent, but they’ve swapped preferences. Pantsman gone gay and lesbian now preferring men.

I’ve got back to My Brilliant Friend, based on the Elena Ferrante novels. It’s a slow burn.

Another on SBS is Good People. A policeman drives off the road and his wife is killed. Any more would be spoilers. We’ve seen the basic story before but it’s done in a semi-humorous fashion. Set on the France-Belgium border.

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Is this where I can post about K-Drama?



This being a splinter thread makes no sense. Legit no posts for 2 weeks.

No. I hate Korean stuff. Psy put me off with his Gangnam Style. :kissing_heart: :wink:

And ignore @barnz.

Gomorrah on SBSOD can be brutal yet is strangely compelling. Follows various characters through drug clans and their wars in and around Naples. A spin-off movie was one of the most successful in Italy when it was released.


I’ve had this recommended to me.

I remember not liking the movie too much, but now that I’ve seen and really enjoyed the series, I’ll have to give it another go. I also enjoyed listening to the rough as guts Neopolitan dialect (don’t hunt me down Neopolitan blitzers)


Fake Profile, a Colombian series has just dropped on Netflix. I’ll probably watch it.

I watched the first ep last night. I’ve seen Carolina Miranda in a few series…Who Killed Sara?…Señora Acero. And her ex, Vicente, is one of the main stars of High Heat and been in quite a few others.

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Gomorrah is one of the best shows ive watched. Great series

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Something of an understatement! The body count is extraordinary. That said, it’s an excellent series and well worth the commitment.

The trickiest part is keeping track of the dizzying array of characters and which group is with or against some other group.

… in the episode you are currently watching.

Indeed, yes

I must get onto it at some point.

I currently have
Good People
My Brilliant Friend
Fake Profile
High Heat
The Great
Candice Renoir

And I see there’s a new Irish drama, Clean Sweep, on SBS with Charlene McKenna (Bloodlands) and Barry Ward (Rebellion)
Second series of Smother with Dervla Kirwan (I wasn’t that taken with the first series)
Ten Pound Poms is on the go, but not sure I’ll go back to it.
And a new series of Sandhamm Murders coming shortly.