TV show thread


I haven’t seen the American remake but I heard it’s also good.


The second season has its moments but no where near as good as season 1.


Neither, but really I don’t see the point. There is only one Sarah Lund. Scandos do it best.

There was another Scandi crime series on SBS recently that is worth a look - midnight Sun. Anything I say would be spoiler


“Come the fk in or fk the fk off”


Scandos make some awesome movies also.

Will check that series out.


marzipan ■■■■■.


Top 5
The Wire
Breaking bad
Band of brothers/pacific

Top 5 Australian shows
Very small business
Upper middle bogan

Top 5 British shows
Fawlty towers
Black adder
Doc Martin
The inbetweeners
The office

Probably left out many honourable mentions.

Edit left out game of thrones because whilst good it is has nothing on the books and the last season was ordinary.


The Sopranos
The Wire
Parks and rec

Having said that, Fargo season 2 is prob the best season of a slow I’ve seen.


Honourable mention: Carnivale


Band of brothers
X files
West wing


The IT Crowd
Father Ted
Dead Like Me
… maybe Deadwood

Honourable mentions Damages and Rome, both amazing first seasons. Homeland too.


Finally got round to watching stranger things series 1, after reading that it was going to overtake game of thrones as most popular.
I love the 80’sretro of it, brings me back to when i was a boy. Never into Dungeons and dragons though, but dont mind the plot, even if its a little scary.


I really enjoyed Stranger Things (haven’t watched S2 yet) but for me it’s not in the same category as GOT.


Top 5 for me in no particular order:
The Wire
Breaking Bad
Battlestar Galactica (new version)
True Detective

I’m sure I’m forgetting one that i’ll kick myself for later. Also Stranger Things currently one of the best shows going round. Plan to watch the Sopranos over the summer.

Fawlty Towers
IT Crowd
The Office (UK)
Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Honerable mentions to Curb your enthusiasm, Arrested Development, Eastbound & Down, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Black Adder, Alan Partridge and Flight of the Conchords.


My top 5 shows currently airing

The Last Kingdom
Game of Thrones
Stranger Things


Some folk bringing up specific seasons. That’s why I’d probably have The Wire at the top. Every season was fantastic. I’ve gone nuts for Breaking Bad, GoT, Lost etc. but for something in its entirety, it’s gotta be The Wire.

Comedy shows stick with me more because of the repeat viewing potential, so:
The Young Ones
Fawlty Towers
The Office (UK)


Late game of Thrones isn’t in the category of early GOT


In fairness to my list. 2 shows are currently running and only have that amount of series out. In planet earths case until Attenborough kicks it.

But I lucked out with Dexter. Trinity arc was the peak of that show.


Absolutely. Was that season 4? It was fantastic, and then the quality just plummeted.


Yep. Showrunner left. Makes a big difference.