Umpires Bias

Ok this is getting beyond on a joke. Can somebody please enlighten me as to wtf is going on?
For years they’ve reamed us, let alone this season, and here we are again, at Etihad Stadium, playing the swans with bizarre holding the ball decisions!?
What the actual ■■■■ is going on?
What the ■■■■ do we have to do in a tackle, to be paid for holding the ball!


we lead 17 to 7 free kicks in this game. You may get outrage on here but you won’t get anywhere else.

Exactly what I was thinking.
But it’s bizarre that even when we’re comfortably getting more free kicks, it still feels like we’re being rorted.


Yep, part of that is the frees they don’t pay and where they do pay them.


Don’t worry. They showed Gill & Hockibg watching from the players race.

They’ll fix this lopsided free kick count. Bet on it.


What gets me the most is every time i watch us play
when the opposition player takes a player on and get tackled it’s called play on but when it happens to us, our players get pinned every time.
Happens every game i see us play. It’s bizarre.


It’s more the case of what they have missed which is the issue

Yeah. That’s such a thing.

It’s the inconsistency that gets me.


Parish touches a player who drops the ball : 50m penalty and goal!

Someone else touches a player on the upper arm, who promptly drops to the ground sa if he was shot just like a soccer player. Free kick!

Swans player throws the ball, Smith picks it up, gets tackled around the head: Free kick , Snydey!

etc etc etc…!!!


It’s not the number, it’s the importance.

Fark me but we missed a couple of holding the balls and then a few other that resulted in goals.

I hate Sydney.


Shows you how bullshit “but youz got more free kicks” is


Its where we are not getting them that is the problem.

Yes we are getting more but not where it really counts.

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The umpires are incompetent. Those 2 htb non-decisions were unexplainable. Yet, there were so many free kicks we got that were just soft

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That one in the first minute? 2x360’s (Grundy?) not paid and then they goal?
That Jones one in the first, breaks a tackle, has a jog, tackled and dropped the ball…no free
Franklin “free” for his first goal…
Franklin shove to Hurley for his second goal…
Heeney drops the ball, 50m penalty…goal…

People will say we won the free kick count but this sh*te happens every week.


We won more free kicks because we were frequently first to the ball.

The umpiring over the past year or so has been utterly incompetent across the whole league. Feel as though it’s the worst its ever been.

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Remember when protected zone was a real thing, no warnings just fifty?

theDJR members.

Was at least one blatant example last night where the ump simply ignored and forgave. I don’t recall the rule/interpretation being changed, surely the AFL would have formally announced it?


They’ve eased up on it which is a good thing. Not once last night was a player within the 5m zone AND affecting play.

Last night in the first quarter there were about 3 holding the ball decisions that will get paid in 7 games out of 8 for the rest of the round but somehow were missed.

Umpire schmidt is a ■■■■

There were a couple we got as well in defence where I was just mystified as to how the umpire came up with it.

I thought we got away with one blatant “protected zone” violation when Walla ended up tackling the guy. He’d never moved 10 metres away.

He normally is…and he paid the free against Raz on the boundary.

I think he got spooked by the reaction of the fans…after that he paid everyone of the frees which was there for us…including Brown on the siren.

(Not sure if he was in control of Franklin push on Hurley).