Uncle Andy and some dodgy dealings

Anyone read this. Absolutely disgraceful.


In another article, it was reported that Fat Andy put out his hand for $150k bonus in the days before the firm went under. A bonus for which he had no explanation.

It just sounds like these boys were in for every possible way to skim off money.

It would be better if all, and I mean all, of this type of educational institution was covered under TAFE.


Completely agree. Feel really sorry for the students that get taken advantage of.

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Also feel sorry for us taxpayers who have fed these private education providers for nearly a decade. That these dodgy institutions sucked out so much public money is a damning testament to the complete incompetence of governments State and Federal and both Liberal and ALP.


I hope someday we may get to a stage in our society where suited criminals face the same kind of jail sentences thieves in other attire face. But it will never happen in our system. Fark them all.


It’s crazy to think that 30 years ago this ■■■■ was just a bog ordinary to very mediocre half back flanker with a moustache. Now a sociopathic, white collar ■■■■.


Crook is crooked. News at 11.

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From what I’ve read, it appears he was entitled to the bonus. Given what was likely to happen anyway, I’m not surprised he put it in his pocket before the administrators put it in theirs.

Can you say what the bonus was for? Because he can’t recall.


Fairly standard to have no idea what your 150k bonus was for, id have thought. I mean, it happens all the time, right? Especially in an insolvent company


Who cares what is was for. Again, and this is only going on what I have read, he was entitled to a bonus as part of his package. Of course he took the bonus. Anyone would. If he didn’t he would have joined the list of unsecured creditors and got FA.

Well, the investigators cared. I can’t recall their names.

The timing is suspicious on one hand, quite obvious on the other. The investigators will go through their process and will find that he has no case to answer. And I reckon if you’re being honest, if we were in his position, with a guaranteed entitlement due and the company in an irretrievable position, we do do what he did.

He’s a ■■■■■■■ low-life thieving ■■■■ is what he is.


It’s unclear whether he was contractually entitled to it. He submitted it “for consideration, as per our agreement”. And then adopted the Andruska tactic of total memory loss in court. He’s an oxygen thief of the highest order.


he can always wipe the tears away with crisp fiddees from his $150k bonus.

I get some of you have an unusual Demitriou kink but getting hung up on this can only do your blood pressure levels harm.

This isn’t AFL Demitriou, this is corporate guy who did we any of us would have done.

You keep saying this as if you seriously think everyone is a farkin ■■■■■■■■. Maybe you are serious.


You’re in business? Question. Is your money better located in your pocket or in the administrator’s hands?

Did the AFL give him the one fiddy?

Objectivity doesn’t come naturally to you.

Lots of things don’t come naturally to me. Like stealing from people.
But I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for assisting me with the self-control project I’m currently on.