Underrated Movies

Overrated. Likewise with cages performance. No idea how he got an academy award for that. It’s just Nick cage being Nick cage.

Agree. I can’t stand Nick Cage. He sets my teeth on edge.


A recent film that I continually put aside because it didn’t’t have much fanfare that I really enjoyed was I, Tonya.

Excellent film that will most likely be forgotten about pretty quickly.


Top Secret.


That was on TV just a few days ago. I’d never seen it before.

It was seriously excellent! Margot Robbie knocked it out of the park.


I am 100% with you on Tony Scott being always underrated. The film that opened my eyes to him was The Hunger, a vampire movie from 1983 with David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon; but when you look through the list of films he’s directed it’s chock-a-block with great movies. He’s every bit as good as his brother at getting the look of his films absolutely perfect. The Hunger is full of scenes of extraordinary beauty. A lot of his films are very well known, but they’re remembered for who starred in them rather than who directed them, eg The Hunger has a cult following, but it’s mostly for the lesbian seduction scene between Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon; Days of Thunder is remembered for Tom and Nicole (he did Top Gun too); True Romance for the fact that the screenplay was by Tarantino. I was shocked when he committed suicide. A great loss.

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It was quite unique the way they told the story also.

Margot Robbie dominated.

The Thing was excellent, the remake however was a disaster.



My favourite movie of all time, The Thin Red Line. Released around the same time as Saving Private Ryan and as a result stayed in the shadow due to Spielberg/Hanks/Flag-waving etc. As a result the far superior movie (imo) missed the credits it was due.


The Blob. McQueen was fantastic.


Its a top film. Shot here in Australia from memory.

I just assumed Billy Maddison was your favourite film though.

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Why are you always in such a hurry.


Yep, really really good

(Is this this only thing we’ve ever agreed on by the way? :smiley:)

I’d say so, yes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Insomnia was a remake? Wow well there you go

Thanks for the tip

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Stumbled upon this recently, had never heard of it before, found it very engrossing.


My expectations were less than zero and yet I still came away appalled at how bad it was. Everything about it went against the spirit of the original. Should be eradicated from history.

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Second vote for ‘Layer Cake’- love that film.

I actually thought one of Guy Ritchie’s ‘bombs’ was really good too - ‘Revolver’.

And probably not underrated by those that know it- but ‘This is England’ also another fine film which doesn’t get much fanfare.


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