US politics - cooked

I am very happy with my Tesla 3. Don’t give a fark about Musk.

Of course he is, Twitter is a largely decentralised flow of information, which he wants to control.

Built by the finest Mexicans on crook visas, probably working 14 hr days & being paid for 8.

Now remind me, what’s that political party you’re a part of all about?

All the Teslas that arrive here are made in China, so stick it up your ■■■■.

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Silly me. He exploits people in only some of his factories, so that is fine.

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Seeing Elon’s derailed the US politics and global news threads, figured he probably deserves his own thread…

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What is your farking problem ? I like my car.

I don’t give a ■■■■■ about Musk and even less about you.

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You chose to pipe up about your car in a politics thread, so I apologise for talking politics.

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@Benny40 had a great post in the General World News thread about the cultural significance of Twitter.

In some ways what we’re seeing is a millennial form of the burning of the library of Alexandra


Most Governments promote if they have a presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (the social media big 3).

I wonder if/when the US Government (or another G7 country) will start promoting they’re on Mastodon (or a future Twitter competitor)?

If they did that, with other countries following suit, that might finally start the Twitter exodus for most people.

I know a number of people set up Mastodon accounts a month ago, but that was probably more a case of, if Twitter was offline unexpectedly, here’s where to find me.

you might be able to, but things like the Eli Lilley incident show that for a huge proportion of the userbase, they can’t - and that’s the problem

This is more an argument against capitalism than anything.

It’s definitely outrageously funny, don’t get me wrong, but if people are making large financial decisions based on seeing a gag that someone whipped up for $10 and about half an hour, the gag is not actually the issue, it’s the investors.

Well I think the point is that people, in general, are not good at judging the veracity of facts and claims online, especially where it is so often just a few emotionally loaded sentences that are seen for mere seconds while scrolling down their feed while in the bathroom. So you either accept that Twitter has some sort of responsibility in moderating blatantly fake, harmful and illegal content on their platform (which Musk does not), especially where it starts to affect the rights of innocent individuals - or you don’t, and agree that the nebulous Section 230 defence and overarching free speech principles are more important and absolve the platform of any burden in dealing with this kind of content

And I mean, people have a right to think that - but it also means you have to deal with the fallout of leaving things online like the Zelenskyy deepfake announcing Ukraine’s surrender, antivax theories that go directly against proven science, and propaganda involving election conspiracy theories.


Not wrong there. And those are definitely examples I can get behind.

Twitter is potentially far more of a time thief than even the Bomberblitz.
Besides 280 characters just does not enable you to extol the potential brilliance of Munkara

ahem…follow “stabby the rabbit”


Tell him a hookah-smoking caterpillar gave him the call.

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I…um…ah…words can’t…
If his supporters are dumb enough to fall for this, there’s no saving them.
Wall off Florida, Arkansas, Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky and parts of Texas. Let em live in their own fantasy land. The US would be instantly better