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His birthday is 27 May. One more day to go if he celebrates on the other side of the international dateline ( He was born in Germany).

Add Rupert to the list


He should have to spend the rest of his life in Cambodia.


Friendly reminder of the Kissinger death tontine


Sadly that article was rather milquetoast. Nothing particularly revelatory.

Hopefully with more time to purse through it some more of the juicier details will emerge.

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Ron DeSantis deep faked into The Office.



I might have mentioned this before but i had a Chilean guy at work at my last job.

He was definitely pro-Pinochet, and I mentioned the fact to him that I’d seen a 3-parter called The Battle for Chile. He said he’d seen it and had seen his uncle on the roof of a building during bombing raids on 11/9/73, the day Allende was deposed and murdered.

He said he’d asked Uncle Julio if that was him, and if so, who were the two guys with him. They were CIA “advisers”.

There was a series made about the work the Finnish consul in Santiago had sheltered, and helped to emigrate, after the coup. May still be available on SBS. The coup leaders were using the football stadium to house anyone they thought were Allende supporters. In one case, a woman was trying to find her abducted husband and was pestering Capt Espinosa (my colleague’s surname). To answer, he just pulled out his pistol and shot her. Don’t know if that bit was based on fact.

There was a good movie called No with Gael Garcia Bernal as an advertising guy hired to help the No vote in the plebiscite asking if Pinochet should not get another term. He was long odds-on but the campaign worked. Tremendous bravery because if they’d lost, there’d be no doubt they’d be doing skydiving over the Pacific sans parachutes.


Chile was far from the only country this occurred in, but had more of Kissinger’s fingerprints on it.

That’s a fascinating story. Thank you for sharing. I’ve not seen either doco you mentioned but I’m looking them up now.

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I’ve never seen the Battle of Chile commercially, only on torrents. The first two were subtitled but the third, which was victims discussing the matter amongst themselves, was only in Spanish and Spanish-speakers all seem to think Chilean Spanish is the hardest to understand.

The SBS series is Invisible Heroes and the diplomat was Tapani Brotherus.


Maybe Kissinger felt more connected with Chile because of the ethnic German population going back to 19th century migration waves.
There have been TV series about Nazi cults in German speaking groups.
Anecdotal, but in conversation with a German Chilean (educated entirely in German in Chile before studying in the US to become one of the Chicago boys in economic policy) I mentioned that I had met a few Chilean refugees in Australia. He asked why they would be refugees, he ended the conversation when I explained their refugee status was connected to the Pinochet regime.

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There was another series on SBS about a German religious cult in Chile. Very American-style. Too heavy for me.

Dignity or Dignidad was in the title.

When I was living in Aberfeldie, I went to a couple of Latin American restaurants in Sunshine. One was Chilean and all their posters on the wall were pro-Allende. Seguimos haciendo historia seemed to be the common slogan. We keep making history. Not many pro-US people over there in the Latin populations of western Melbourne.

A worthwhile movie is The German Doctor, about Mengele and his time in Argentina, down in Patagonia near Bariloche. You’d have sworn they were German towns. Mengele was very keen to test out the main couple’s twin girls. He was always on about twins. Languages German, Spanish and English.

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Latin America was a shelter for Nazi collaborators. There have been claims that the US facilitated Klaus Barbie settling in Bolivia under an assumed identity.

Why? If you were the Almighty, you wouldn’t want him near your place. Maybe that other bloke thinks the same.

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Guarantee Trump lives to 100

If he lives that long, he MIGHT actually run out of legal delaying tactics and get convicted of something.


His corrupt appointees to SCOTUS are young enough to still be there and let him off

The Mother Jones article - Henry Kissinger at 100, still a war criminal- traverses his involvement, country by country.

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Where’s that tweet where someone added Reagan’s face to all sorts of graphs about the US?

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Quoting from the article

The estimates of Cambodian civilians killed range between 150,000 and 500,000

This already is a disservice. The resulting refugee crisis from the bombing campaign resulted in roughly the same amount of deaths in Cambodia as the subsequent Pol Pot regime were held responsible for.

The 70s were a nasty time to be a Cambodian.

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