Vale #37 Ian Marsh

Played 68 games on the wing from 1976-80

Tasmanian Hall of Fame

Retired because of a heart complaint


How many Ian Marsh Scanlons footy card swaps did I have back in the day ?
Felt like alot !


I still have a few!!!

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Boasting great pace, skill and balance, all laced with a touch of venom, Ian Marsh was a wingman par excellence whose career in top level football was cruelly curtailed by illness.

He commenced his senior football with NTFA side North Launceston where he played roughly 50 games between 1973 and 1975, highlighted by winning a competition best and fairest win in his last season. The 1976 season saw him at Essendon where, after a slow start, he developed into a key player, in the process earning a reputation as one of the most eye-catching footballers in the game.

By the end of the 1980 season Marsh had played 68 VFL games and booted 16 goals as well as representing Tasmania in both the 1979 and 1980 state of origin carnivals. Prior to the start of the 1981 season, however, he became unwell and was diagnosed with a serious heart condition, which eventually necessitated open heart surgery. He did make an attempt to re-ignite his career but managed only a handful of reserves games before retiring from top level football. Between late 1981 and 1984 he played for Essendon League side Aberfeldie before commencing the 1985 season with South Bendigo. However, a recurrence of his heart problems brought the final curtain down on his career.


I’ll hazard a guess that his nickname was “Swampy”?

Sad news- though to get to 2021 with a heart issue is still pretty fair.
#37 was a joy to behold in his prime though. Seriously good player.




i remember him running down the outer wing at Windy Hill Was very quick Was a good player


I like me a bit of pace and he used plenty. He was an exciting player to watch.


Sad news, I have great memories of Marsh playing.

Clearly belonged on the big stage, never took a backward step.


really sad to hear of this and too young
He was one of the first bombers I saw that used his pace to bounce the ball a couple of times taking on his opponent…

Ian Marsh was a brickie and he buillt my front fence when I lived in Napier Street. Lovely young bloke and was doing a great job when Crackers Keenan hopped off a tram on his way to training at Windy Hill. Crackers came over to “inspect” the brickwork. He grabbed a freshly laid brick from the middle of the wall and pulledit out. Marsh was not impressed; he knocked it down and started again.

He was a handy wingman and had really settled into playing good footy in 1980; he may have still been around in 1984 if his heart had not failed him.

Lovely bloke and 66 is too young for hjim to die.


Very sad news. He was one of my early favourites as a young lad watching the game from the outer. RIP Ian Marsh.

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Very sad news, could of been a member of the magnificent ‘84/85 premiership sides. Was a player who always had a red hot go and from all reports a top bloke.
Back in 1976 my Dad and I were at a intra-club pre-season practice match at Windy Hill. A blonde bloke wearing number 37 for the team in blue absolutely burnt. After 3/4 time he was taken off. During the last quarter some wag in the very small crowd yelled out, ‘Why did ya take 37 off?’ Graham Moss yelled back from the middle of the ground, ‘So some other bastard can get a kick!’ The bloke in 37 was the late Ian Marsh.