Vale Merna

I first met Merna back in the early 2000s when I started going to watch training regularly on a Wednesday afternoon. Even though she was in her 70s, Merna would drive from Wantirna to the club several times a week to cook meals for the players. It was lovely watching the way the players would look after her and the other ladies, helping them down the stairs and out to their cars. She was a very passionate supporter, including being a long time player sponsor. I remember one time - I think 2006 or 2007? I flew up to Sydney to watch our AFL boys on a Saturday night, and ran into Merna. The next morning, flew back to Melbourne, and drove up to Bendigo to watch the VFL… and ran into Merna again!

RIP to a lovely lady :purple_heart:


Did she ever mention her favourite player and/or Premiership team ?

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not to me. I wish I had asked!

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here you go! Baby Bombers of 1993. Mentioned in an earlier article about her :slight_smile:


You know, of all the reasons why it would be good to win the game on Friday night, doing honour to her memory would be number one for me. She supported Essendon for her whole life, during some very good times and during some very bad ones.


RIP Merna, a great lady of Essendon.

I remember Merna from the early sixties. She used to sit in the grandstand with her mother, Mrs Slattery. We used to go ten pin bowling in Essendon before the gates opened. There was a small mob of us who would get to the ground before sunrise, the better to talk about our boys. Those were the days. It was a much smaller supporter base then. Vale Merna.