Vale Nicky Hayden

Hit by a car whilst riding a bicycle in training for a race. Died overnight.
RIP Kentucky kid.

You got @Reboot -ed.


Second one in a few days I’ve never heard of.

Seems like he’s not at all well. Not much info ATM.

Meanwhile Aussie Jack Miller is lucky not be an ICU himself (or worse) after his crash in practice yesterday. How he walked away from that without so much as a fracture is incredible.

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Fake news! What ar$e holes.
He does remain alive, not very well at all though.

R.I.P Nicky Hayden

Damn. Seemed like a decent sort of bloke as well as a champ. RIP

Rides motorbikes on the edge for years, gets killed riding a push bike…just doesn’t seem right.

From all I’ve read he was well liked and seemed like a decent bloke…RIP

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Are you sure this time?

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Supposedly one of the better and more genuine guys on the Gp circuit.

Terrible news.