Vale Richie Benaud

Gone to the great cricket ground in the sky has ol’ Richie. Will be legbreaking on perfect pitches under clear blue skies for evermore.

If only the people that have taken over calling games would respect his legacy. Wouldn’t mind betting seeing Brayshaw & Warne inparticular making a hash of all his great work hastened his demise.

Remember to keep up the SPF30 folks.

Vale Richie



Sad to hear about the passing of Richie Benaud today. He really was cricket royalty for Australian cricket fans and even fans around the world. When I think about the many hours, days and summers I’ve spent on the couch enjoying the cricket he will always come to mind and IMO will never be surpassed as the best commentator / presenter.

I’m genuinely quite upset by this. For 28 of my 30 years he spoke to me every summer for days and days on end, knowing exactly what to say or importantly, when not to say anything. God how I miss that.

RIP Ritchie.

Summer is over .Vale Richie. A man of real class.

I am really sad from this news, should have got the knighthood.


Really upset. Richie has been cricket to me as early as i can recall. Vale, great man. Literally a national (and international) icon. RIP.

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I am really sad from this news, should have got the knighthood.

Spot on.

I wouldn’t be overly surprised if listening to those fucktards Healy, Warne, Brayshaw was the final push…

RIP, Richie. There are few people in the public eye I give a godsdamn about but by thunder you were one of them.

R.I.P Richie … A true legend. I don’t have the words to say any more.

Please, no jokes until 2.22 this arvo please.

But anyway, Richie was the first Australian captain I remember. And retired after the 1963/64 summer, together with many other Australian greats of the 50s like Grout, Davidson and Harvey.

I’m sure the thought that run chases of more than 6 runs per over are now well within range pushed him over the edge. He always thought that was the step too far.

The first cricket book I ever owned was his Tale of Two Tests.

RIP :frowning:

Sad day. Great man, synonymous with an entire season of the year, let alone a sport - and that crossed borders.
Almost seems absurd now, but he genuinely understood, and was actually good at commenting on sport.

Tony 2 years ago, Richie now. Bill outlasts the pair of them. Perhaps fitting?

Rest in peace.


A sad day for all Australians, a truly great man.

Marvellous life that.


That feeling of the first test in summer and Richie, the first face and voice you hear, expertly explaining and entertaining. Cricket is back and it’s going to be a nice long summer!

Never more :frowning: