Venue for Brisbane game in R2

So it’s been announced that the AFLW game needs to be moved from the 'Gabba because of the Adele concert.

However, I’m aware that Stadiums Queensland (the authority that manages the 'Gabba) is concerned that it might not be right for our game in Rd 2 either.

I’m led to believe that Metricon is being touted as the replacement venue if needed (Suns are playing GWS at Spotless in round 2).

Sweet. Hold it at the G.


The bad news bears


They’ll push it to Sunday at GC. Both lions and us play on Sunday the following week. No doubt that will cause all kinds of issues for traveling fans

Why do you think it would be Sunday? This would cause major issues for me, my first ever interstate trip to a game.

I prefer Metricon to The Gabba anyway. Nice little stadium.


Would cause major issues for many, many people, including Brisbane members and anyone else who has bought tickets already (was going to last night, glad I didn’t). Metricon is a hell hole to get in/out of and has less than 2/3 the capacity of the Gabba. Not so bad if you’re living/staying on the GC, but it’s a minimum 1.5 hour trip for anyone on Brisbane’s northside (like me).
Raining cats and dogs here today, and forecast to continue all week - suppose that will have an impact on getting the turf up to scratch.

Not sure that’ll be a problem.


Maybe not, apart from a more limited selection of seats

The AFL don’t decide on where to play games (including grand finals) until it’s too late. It’s part of their charm.

Such a change would fark over a lot of travellers.

What’s our record like against Brisbane at Carrara?

The Ashes are far more important than a couple of AFL minor round games. Looking at some of the photos of the damage there shouldn’t be anything played on it for a good 6 weeks

Is Adele really that heavy?


Because GC are playing at twilight on the Saturday. They could make it a double header I guess.

I can understand changing venue, but won’t changing times screw with the broadcasting?


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Know a bloke in Queensland who runs a design business


Can he knock up a decent sign when you want him to though??

And on a decent grade card??

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The center wicket area took a hammering and needs to be re-sown in patches. The pitches if further damaged could harm the preparation for the Ashes test up there. The GABBA really needs a good 4-6 weeks of no activity, if that means swapping a few games so be it

But were talking Round 2,… & the Ashes are when??

Hmm, … it is April 1st, … are you having a lend …?? :angry: