VFL 2021 squad

They’ve been submitted and finalised (for all teams). There is a Herald-Sun article that may or may not list them.

EDIT: on website now

50 Josh Tynan November 6, 1993
51 Sam McLarty May 11, 1998
52* Jack Hickman Apri 18, 2002
53* Sam Conforti May 15, 2002
54 Daniel Thompson April 30, 1994
55 Danny Younan August 18, 1992
56 Joshua Kemp April 13, 2000
57 Billy Cootee December 18, 2002
58 Jake Hobbs September 30, 1997
59 Pat Bannister October 12, 2002
60 Joe Atley August 4, 1998
61 Sam Graham June 24, 2000
62* Jack Evans March 21, 2000
63* Jackson Cardillo July 3, 2002
64 Wade Derksen June 18, 2001
65 Matt Day April 1, 1999
66 Fraser Robertson March 9, 2001
67 Kobe Brown February 13, 2001
68 Brady Rowles February 2, 2001
69 James Harrold February 6, 1997
70 Angus Baker October 3, 1998
71 Charlie Byrne October 26, 2002
72* Sam Paea July 14, 2002
73* Caleb Ernst
74* Campbell Edwardes October 7, 2002
75 Max Simpson January 19, 2001
76 Bruno Laguda April 14, 1997
77 Kyle Dunkley June 20, 2000
78 Josh Smithson May 4, 1999
79* Ben Morgan March 4, 2002

C’mon man, you have to give us more!!

Anyone got a HS sub?

Primary list

Kyle Dunkley
Danny Younan
Joe Atley
Bruno Laguda
Sam McLarty
James Harrold
Josh Tynan
Daniel Thompson
Jake Hobbs
Angus Baker

Development list

Brady Roles
Joshua Kemp
Sam Graham
Josh Smithson
Billy Cootee
Max Simpson
Matt Day
Pat Bannister
Fraser Robertson
Wade Derksen
Kobe Brown
Charlie Byrne


Is hobbs any relationship to the this year’s 1st round prospect?

No Hickman or Cardillo?

Coottee is also the Jets captain this year.

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Essendon VFL has released its 2021 playing list ahead of its season opener against Brisbane on April 17.

The 30-man squad, which includes eight NAB League players, features inside midfielders Kyle Dunkley and Joe Atley, who were the first newcomers to sign in February.

Both have prior AFL experience, with Dunkley playing five games over two seasons for Melbourne and Atley playing four games for Port Adelaide.

Other ex-AFL recruits include Sam McLarty (Collingwood) and Brady Rowles (Sydney Swans), while James Harrold joins the Bombers after playing for East Fremantle in the WAFL.

Can’t see how we don’t win the flag


No KAV, and we can drop Hind back.

Final wins guaranteed.

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Does anyone know what positions these guys play?

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BRUNO is back, YaY!


When we getting back hardingham?


59 Pat Benatar

Nice pickup. The back pocket is a battlefield.



I remember saying that one night in Geelong, and it turned out his dad was sitting next to me.

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62* Jack Evans March 21, 2000

*NAB League players who will dip in and out of the squad in 2021.

I assume something is wrong there, 21 seems quite old to be playing in an U19s comp.

There might be confusion between Jack Evans who played in the Calder backline with Mason Fletcher who was born in March 2000 and another Jack Evans from Murray Bushrangers who was born in March 2002.

Y2K Jack Evans is a strongly built, 186cm medium defender with decent athleticism and strong kick on him

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THE KIDS who missed out last year, most will split their time between VFL duties and NAB. Good to see a lot of country kids representing.

Billy Cootee (Western)175cm small midfielder with a 2.94s 20m sprint. Jets Captain in 2021.

Jackson Cardillo (Calder) 188cm powerful forward/midfielder

Jack Hickman (Bendigo, number 2 below) 175cm midfielder, elite runner with speed/endurance/agility combo (21.8 yoyo, 7.78 agility in 2021).

Campbell Edwardes (Calder) 195cm tall rangey wingman/utility

Caleb Ernst (Bendigo) our mystery dreadlocked character from training reports. Looks like an undersized ruckman. His dad is Nigerian and Caleb made papers when his narc high school tried to make him lose the dreads.

Sam Conforti (Bendigo) 174cm hard-working mid/for. u16 Vic Country captain.

Charlie Byrne (Murray)

Not much info on these guys:
Ben Morgan (Calder) 185cm
Pat Bannister
Sam Paea (Calder)


THE ROOKIES. Born 2000/01

Kyle Dunkley (Gippland) Brother of, former Dee. In the leadership group, inside midfielder-forward.

Brady Rowles (Bendigo) Former Swans rookie. 186cm, Quick outside type.

Josh Kemp (Calder) The_Don1’s boy. 183cm, athletic, nifty small forward.

Jack Evans (Calder) 186cm strong bodied medium defender.

Max Simpson (Calder) 187cm

Fraser Robertson (Oakleigh) 189cm

Kobe Brown (Bendigo) 172cm small forward. Was in Richmond’s NGA


Wade Derkson 197cm KPP from Nightcliff, NT. Grew nearly 10cm in the last 2 years.


Morgan part of the PEGS first footy group that had Harry Jones, Sam Graham, Josh Kemp and Cody Brand.

Bannister is from Caulfield with Robertson.

Different Jack Evans to the one listed. He’s a NAB league kid.

Caleb Ernst also plays as a key forward. Huge work ethic, very raw, great character.