VFL 2022 Squad updates

Dogs were probably the best vfl unit last yr, so even though it was a practice game, its very good sign for us.


Stanton’s first win as coach.


Super happy Fejo is sticking around. Way to give yourself the best shot possible Ronnie!


As someone who was a regular VFL goer, 8-10 years back…… I have such fond memories of watching Tippa star in the VFL every week.

Tippa was honestly the difference between sitting at home on my ar*se, or driving 2 hours to Frankston or Bendigo to see some magic.

It’s no surprise that my interest in the VFL has declined since Tippa was drafted. We’ve missed that one player that makes you want to go sit in the rain see some footy.

My interest has now peaked for the VFL, and I’m honestly excited to go watch Fejo each week. We have honestly lacked this sort of indigenous talent in the VFL.


Any chance you will do a bit of a write up from the VFL practice match last night?
did Voss play?

You missed the opportunity to say “Feeling more Conforti now”!

Given I saw a quarter and a half, it won’t be much use.

Anyone stand out in the game, or pretty scrappy affair?

Anyone able to give a report on how the AFL candidates in the team played eg Durham, Bryan, Hird, Ham, Waterman etc?

Eyre looked not bad in first half. Hird with some fancy footwork got a goal.
Ham two goals in two minutes.
But I only saw first half.


Fejo joined the VFL team. Awesome


I believe Ham ended up with 4 goals but Voss and Lord didn’t play. Baldwin, Tex and Martin played a little until they reached whatever their goals were and finished.


Any chance on getting Dustin down to help Stanton in a VFL role?

Would love the team to learn to punt a torp and this guy needs to be back at the club.

Fejo to the VFL and covid replacement list


Sorry, I only turned up with about 2 mins to go in the 3rd quarter.

So I’m not really in a position to give a full report. Fejo was dangerous up forward though. Waterman was mostly playing as a centre square mid, Durham hit a few really nice kicks that underlined his class and Ham was actually really actively involved.



Remember Hartley in the VFL loading up big torps a few years ago?


Another one lost:

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Is there a praccy for the vfl squad this weekend?

Tomorrow morning I believe.

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