VFL - 2023. Time to make a TUDOR stand

@Paul_Cousins When are the VFL signings happening. Surely they should start training shortly.


I imagine the VFL signings don’t happen until after the AFL draft.

But the under 23 players are back training, which makes up 80-90% of the VFL list.

Unfortunately I don’t sign the players or build the list mate, I get told when those things are done like everyone else. Hopefully there’s some news soon.


Probably just as lost in the system as everybody else.

Someone did a summary of all teams (hint: all of the AFL affiliates are basically the same zero actions as us).

(some awful colour choices made)


Definitely seems that the AFL aligned sides were waiting for the draft and all appear slow to recruit which is great for other comps. I know some SANFL clubs already have picked up half a dozen players that played VFL last year

It seems the stand-alone and interstate clubs are able to get the jump on the others somewhat. All the more reason for Bombers to start signing players asap.

Possibly due to salary cap?
SANFL clubs being still fairly community based has a good solid network that offers jobs and housing for recruits too.
I know that Joe Richards who was drafted by Collingwood had committed to Central Districts and he had a house and job as a teacher sourced for him by the club


Also placing a full time VFL coach for historical relevance…

When Kevin Sheedy said he wanted to be the first full time coach, everyone said he was crazy.

Now we have a full time coach of what is effectively our Reserves side.

Deservedly, he is a legend of the game.


Another premiership in 2023, then!


To be honest there’s a lot of moves that have happened but obviously not been officially announced so don’t make that list, understandably - including ex-AFL types. Know of several signings to AFL aligned VFL clubs that aren’t on that list.


There is really only one club we would love to know about.

Not that we need to know, but I’d very much like to have more confidence that it is a priority this year.


Still waiting are we?

You’ll be waiting a while