VFL app updated for 2021 - reveals lots of info

I might have sold said “holy ■■■■!” in surprise a few times on seeing that one pop up.


For the record, since I asked the question earlier, Clifford is averaging 0.2 more marks per game than Quigley.

Is this in sarcastica font?

It’s real, it’s damn real.

e.g. this past week (I’ll be updating the real threads later) time with the ball was indeed much more even than I initially thought:

(We are the blue team.)


We lost the hit-outs 11-101 across the first two rounds :crazy_face:

Ol’ unco Nalder may not be up to full speed yet this year, but geez we missed her!

The rest of the season’s games are listed in the app.

We get the Hawks, Darebin, and Willy twice. I am NOT complaining about that!

Unfortunately all future games appear to start at midnight Saturday morning.

Windy Hill returns on April 17. Double header at Vic Park on ANZAC “eve”.

I am predicting a massive storm on June 3 (Willy at Willy).

We end up with 8/14 being home games.

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Ha! Melbourne Uni, NT Thunder, and Richmond remain, stuck on the bottom of the ladder.

The honey badger is leading the league in disposals, and it’s not even close: 26.4 versus 21 for second place. She trails in second place for tackles (11.2 vs 12.4). Barba is in 8th spot with 19.4 disposals per game.

CBomb 5th for marks. Clifford 8th, so Quigley just outside the top ten.

Interestingly we hold 3 of the top 4 spots for handballs (Barba, Ugle, Nanscawen).

Only the first two rounds of the VFLM are currently listed in the app, and we knew them anyway (the Bears and the Pies).

The app, unlike the EFC website, knows Nalder is on our list. Doesn’t know about Currenti, though.

VFLM squads are not entered yet.