VFL Practice Game 3 vs Box Hill Sunday 19th March 2023 @10am at The Hangar

Predicted Line up (Squad now official from AFL/VFL website)

B: Lord Baldwin Montgomerie
HB: Hind Hayes Cleaver
C: Conforti Hobbs Cootee
HF: Guelfi Voss Snelling
F: Narkle Murray, Tex
R: Bryan Rasinac Bernacki
Lynch, Fitzgerald, Laguda, Hoare, Brown, Sutton, Madden, Jorgensen

  • I’m expecting Walla to be the AFL Sub and not play VFL this week
  • D’Ambrosio to be the left over AFL emergency
  • McBride injured
  • Tom Phillips missing

Pretty strong VFL side I must say (by our standards)


I like that back 6. I imagine they will go really well at AFL level.

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Phillips, Narkle, Rastinac and Bernacki through the middle with Lynch off half-back is some quality VFL players to contribute.

Unfortunately, with Wright, Stewart, Reid, Cox, and McBride all injured the talls are a bit lacking.


I would expect Lynch to start on field, MASS to be in the firsts, and A Phillips to also be playing. And where is Munkara?

See the AFL team.

Munny needs more conditioning

No McBride?

He might play but i think he got hurt last week

Essendon has this amazing ability to have too many talls and too few talls on the list at the same time


Sounds like the name of a 19th century admiral.


We need a t-shirt

An Essendon tall story

The many, and the few
The listed, and the available


VFL practice match team v Box Hill

Number: First Name: Surname:
8 Ben Hobbs
11 Will Snelling
18 Lewis Hayes
19 Nick Hind
24 Nick Bryan
26 Kaine Baldwin
28 Alastair Lord
35 Matt Guelfi
38 Rhett Montgomerie
39 Pat Voss
40 Tex Wanganeen
50 Brad Lynch
53 Samuel Conforti
54 Toby Murray
55 Tom Phillips
57 Billy Cootee
58 Stefan Rasinac
59 Brad Bernacki
60 Jack Cleaver
62 Bruno Laguda
63 Jack Brown
66 Will Madden
67 Quinton Narkle
69 Jake Sutton
77 Joel Fitzgerald
John Jorgenson

No Massimo or Tippa


I hope Hobbs does well. wonder if gets a full game.

good lineup.

would probably still prefer Baldwin forward with Vossy to help kick a score. but yeh he probably needs to play defence until Cox or Reid or McBride or Stewart are back on deck


Yep, very strong lineup in my opinion.

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Agree I think we will be very competitive.
I hope so. We need massive pressure from the listed players in the vfl to make the others earn their spots. The best way forward is a strong VFL team.

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Excited. Hobbs named in the centre. Thats his destiny.


Hobbs is playing? Awesome.

Why isnt Stringer playing if as they are saying… its conditioning from here. He is good to go otherwise

He’s still listed as 1-2 weeks away on the EFC website. That was 5 days ago, so I’m going to assume that means he needs another full week of training before playing at any level. I’ll be worried if he’s not playing VFL footy next week.