VFL practice match vs Box Hill @ The Hangar, 11AM Saturday 20 March 2021

A VFL practice match is to be played tomorrow against Box Hill.
I’m very interested in the VFL this year, given our future is very much tied to how our young 18-20 yr olds develop.
I’ve seen posters say that our injuries are the best they have been for a long time, but we still have 11 players unavailable to be selected at the moment (10 if you think restricted minutes from Stringer in the VFL means he is available).
Consequently, tomorrow v Box Hill we are likely to be pretty undermanned again, with a lot of non AFL listed players playing.
Available and should play - Brand, Hird, Johnson (managed minutes?), Bryan, Reid, Perkins, Cutller, plus another two not selected in the 23 for Rd1 v Hawthorn tomorrow night (likely 2 of Gleeson, Waterman, Redman, Cahill, BZT).
So 9 listed players plus managed minutes from Stringer.
Depending what sort of team Box Hill field, that’s a pretty undermanned team, so I don’t expect a great result on the scoreboard.
Nonetheless, I look forward to what the young guys can show.

Edit - 12 injured listed players including Baldwin


Also, you may get to see Trent Mynott.

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Is Hams still at Box Hill?

Nope. Unless he’s returned to them.

Is anyone there yet?
What’s the weather doing?
Does the grass make anyone look taller or shorter?
Have they got hot chips or $2 pies?
What number is Prismal wearing?


have we gotta hang outside the fence today?

Less than 40 minutes to kick-off and no reports.

This is the worst member’s forum EVER.


guelfi and zaka running laps on the etihad oval

players warming up, I’m too blind to see who’s playing.


That’s early to get on the sauce. Power to you


perkins looks to be doing the full warm up.

stringer in absolutely glorious nick.


As in poor eyesight? Or you’ve had a huge Friday night and carried on into Saturday morning?

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mostly the former but won’t rule out the later as having some influence.


2015/2016 Stringer nick?

yeah, not quite that good.

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Perkins, Bryan and Marty all playing.

Haven’t seen Cutler yet


Good on ya Lefty, thanks for being there.

LOL. I guess having an almost blind reporter is better than having no reporter at all.

I’ve now transferred back to my role as a Michael Hartley fan account. sorry guys

Interesting who you’ve named as playing now.
Possibly Cutler as the sub tonight.

Cutler only emg not playing. Must be the sub


Marty and Hartley are captains