VFL practice match vs Sandy @ The Hangar, 11AM Saturday 3 April 2021

VFLW bye week, so I guess this is the main event.


You can have the week off DJR!:joy:

Does this mean you might drop in?

Easter is a wasteland that shames The Apocalypse.

Deep! :roll_eyes:

Tom Morris from Fox Sports @tommorris32

March 31st, 2021 5:10 pm

The AFL has relaxed its anti-density rules for the upcoming VFL season following backlash from senior coaches and further analysis from more than 20 practise games.

No longer will teams be required to have three players in their 50 metre arcs (one in the goal square) at kick-ins or throw-ins.

Instead, two players will be required to be stationed inside each 50 metre arc at boundary throw in stoppages, while kick-ins will have no reset regulations.


Should be in the dumb ideas thread too…

P.S. @saladin is an influential man.

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When he turns up on his bike wearing leathers everything becomes black and white.

I assume this game is still on today.

Someone please confirm

Yes it is

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Of major interest today will be Bryan, Brand, Reid, Johnson, Hird and Eyre. Otherwise, very little of individual interest today. McBride seems to be still a couple of weeks away at least.


Anyone down today?

What do you think this is? SANFL U16s reserves?



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Bryan is playing

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I’m very interested in where Cahill plays and how he goes.
Also curious to see which of the emergencies is held over as the sub. Hopefuly Cutler or Gleeson.

Plus Phillips if he plays. and Zaka

Bit of a breeze as always. We are down 0-21, 10 minutes in the first

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Cahill looks to be playing small lock down defender. Hard to tell as it’s a strong breeze and everyone is in the back half


Tough going, even into the wind, the ball has not gone past half way the whole time I’ve been here

Another goal to Sandy 0-28