VFL - Rnd12 2023 Carlton 2.05pm Sun 11 Ikon park

Kelly, Phillips and Tex wont play in VFL today


Holding over 3 seems excessive. Late change?

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No Kelly?

One of those three has a bug i will say. Just cant name names sorry

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Getting some fantastic advice about plant care and foliage atm. Perfect intro

I hope it’s not tex with the bug. Kelly and Phillips would be poor subs imo


If need be, they’d bring someone from the named 22 as sub.

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Please no Phillips as sub

Apparently we’re $1.85 favourites due to Wright and The Langford.

Oh wait, ■■■■ off, wrong game.

Ad ends five minutes and 1 second before the game starts, to stay legal.

Montgomerie not playing either?

Montgomerie crook

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Geez Leigh Tudor is captain personality.

Wanganeen coverage for seniors

According to Leigh Tudor (knee Tuna)


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(Sorry just practicing)


Thought it was Worsfold or Rutten for a second.

Have a shot JAIDEN, Fark