VFL - Rnd12 2023 Carlton 2.05pm Sun 11 Ikon park

Playing tomorrow, no thread started.

Carlton VEssendon

FB [29] Jake Kelly, [26] Kaine Baldwin, [41] Cian McBride
HB [28] Alastair Lord, [18] Lewis Hayes, [38] Rhett Montgomerie
MD [42] Massimo D’Ambrosio, [43] Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, [5] Elijah Tsatas
RK [24] Nick Bryan, [59] Brad Bernacki, [13] Nik Cox
HF [56] John Jorgensen, [39] Patrick Voss, [33] Alwyn Davey Jnr
FF [40] Tex Wanganeen, [49] Jaiden Hunter, [57] Billy Cootee
BNCH [53] Samuel Conforti, [34] Andrew Phillips, [47] Jye Menzie, [73] Matthew Foley

Quicker to bold who isn’t AFL listed.

FB [41] Domanic Akuei, [33] Lewis Young, [1] Jack Silvagni
HB [26] Lachlan Cowan, [25] Zac Fisher, [20] Lachie Plowman
MD [32] Jaxon Binns, [28] David Cuningham, [4] Lochie O’Brien
RK [40] Hudson O’Keeffe, [2] Paddy Dow, [7] Matthew Kennedy
HF [36] Josh Honey, [8] Lachie Fogarty, [3] Jesse Motlop
FF [52] Liam McMahon, [57] Ben Crocker, [31] Harry Lemmey
BNCH [75] Hamish Sinnott, [51] Heath Ramshaw, [67] Ben Ronke, [63] Luke Parks, [54] Ned Cahill



Posted this in another thread, but how bad is tom phillips going if he can’t get a gig?



I havent been to Princess Park since 1992.
Any info on the Parking situation, or should i ask the enemy on Bigfooty ?

It’s hard.
Street parking but you may need to walk a couple of kms.

Royal Parade and Park St aren’t too bad, but a bit hit and miss.

Fark…that sux

He’s played almost every game. He was at Box Hill last year and only played 40% of the games.
The down side of being with an AFL aligned club is that AFL listed players will always play and be prioritised.
The rest fill the gaps.
Bruno Laguda has played almost every game too. He’s stuck as an emergency and would probably prefer to play a full EDFL game anyway ahead of the reduced time at VFL.

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AFL-listed duo Andrew Phillips and Rhett Montgomerie will make their returns, providing important aerial presence for the Dons.

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The new version of the named side which Speedy has provided the link to above (and shown below) is a bit of an update on the one at the start of the thread - Massimo, Menzie no longer named in the VFL side - which is just as well given they have been named in the seniors. Tom Phillips and Riley Loton have appeared in their place.

Now the only mystery is which of the AFL emergencies (Bryan, Andrew Phillips, Wanganeen or Kelly) will come out of the VFL side and, given the VFL are playing first, it will probably be 2 more out.

Wanganeen would seem to provide the most flexibility and pace as sub, and Kelly would probably make the most sense as standby, given him coming into the backline would free Langford to fill any hole in the side, be it forward, mid or back.

Essendon round 12 team

|B|J. Kelly (29)|K. Baldwin (26)|C. McBride (41)|
|HB|A. Lord (28)|L. Hayes (18)|R. Montgomerie (38)|
|C|T. Phillips (55)|A. McDonald-Tipungwuti (43)|E. Tsatas (5)|
|HF|J. Jorgensen (56)|P. Voss (39)|A. Davey (33)|
|F|T. Wanganeen (40)|J. Hunter (49)|B. Cootee (57)|
|R|N. Bryan (24)|B. Bernacki (59)|N. Cox (13)|
|INT|R. Loton (70)|S. Conforti (53)|J. Fitzgerald (77)|
||A. Phillips (34)|M. Foley (73)||
|23rd Player|M. Foley (73)|
|EMG|W. Golds (68)|J. Cleaver (60)|W. Madden (66)|
||B. Laguda (62)||

So compared to the 17 AFL listed named originally, it should end up being 13 AFL listed who play in the VFL this week.


Do they charge entry at Princes Park these days?

On Channel 7 today at 2pm.




Hope I don’t have to pay to get into this shithole


He was still on Hawthorns AFL list last year, played 4 AFL games and also missed a fair chunk due to injury.

Hasn’t exactly been in great form, though looks like he’s now been named anyway.

You can try parking at the zoo and then it’s a little walk but not too far really

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Warning… you need to pay $10 and book the ticket online. No tickets available at the gate.

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