VFL - Round 10 vs Box Hill @ The Hangar, 1.05pm Sun 28 May 2023

Me too!!

His first few games were very impressive. Think he’ll do well development wise with Scott and the new investment into football.

Just need to get these players on the park.

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I enjoy watching these games and the commentary. Go Bladwin!!


Except that time way back 2 weeks ago when we didnt have enough to cover injuries properly

Also Lang isn’t “being turned into a defender”

He’s been played there at times out of necessity, again because we didn’t have the cattle

Go well Coxy. It would be nice to have you in the selection frame after the bye. Stay fit, stay strong! Interesting to see where he plays. Wing? HB?


As an aside, Josh Eyre playing for collingwood VFL today.


Anyone know If Davey and Baldwin are playing ?

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VOSS watch

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Davey was on Optus stadium after the game last night so I very much doubt it

Is my memory failing, or have we named five talls in defence?

No Alwyn Jnr here. But that Cox guy who was making his debut is here


Baldwin OUT. Bladwin IN.


I hope everyone’s expectations are lowish. Dawks have only lost 1 game so far this season.

Don’t expect miracles in this game today.

The selected team, venue, conditions, very good opponent could make this a difficult watch.

Or it could be the best win of the year.

Yes, plus a bad weather day. Hope to see something in the potential ‘ins’.

They haven’t played big Cox yet!

Baldwin is here. Gee the number 13 for us looks like a tall person

I love the new grandstand they have built for the spectators :slight_smile:

Go well Nick