VFL - Round 10 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill 11AM Sunday 20 June 2021 - on Kayo

You’re not allowed in but you can watch it as a Kayo Freebie.


Thank fk it’s back.

There should be lots of space to watch from at the Bowls Club, it’s never in use during games… just duck and roll whenever a ball comes over the fence at you.

About time - Victorian based players development has been stifled in the last two years - Hopefully it’s onward and upwards from here.

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I better not be watching Sammy Draper dominating at Windy Hill on Sunday

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Hird playing forward.


How is Cutz an emergency? Won’t he be in Tasmania?

Interesting to see Tom Phillips and Tim O’Brien listed in the VFL, both should be omitted then. Phillips had a good game against Sydney so very weird. Teams out in an hour so can wait till then to see what the go is.

Sorry scratch that, all of Hawthorn’s extended squad in the AFL is listed in this VFL team. Must do it differently to Essendon.

It’s a pretty strong Box Hill side, not expecting us to get close to them considering our injuries and only 10 AFL listed players

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Newcombe in the VFL? I guess 14 tackles on debut isn’t good enough for the 17th-placed team in the league…

We’re gonna cop a belting…. Look at that team.

As I said, they’ve listed all their extended bench in this team. 5 will be removed.

Durham onball :+1:


Will be interesting to see Callow and Grainger-Barras for Box Hill.
For us, main interest for me will be Durham, Eyre, Brand, Reid and McBride (as a forward?)
PS and continued interest is seeing Bryan.

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Looks like we’ve lost Angus Baker for the rest of the year.
Played last week for the GWS reserves and named for them again this week, so looks like he has gone back to NSW.

Understandable given we didn’t pick him up in the mid-season draft, but will hurt our defensive depth.

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god 11 am start.
takes one back to the under 18 days of playing footy when you’d start from anywhere between 8 am and 10 am so all the age brackets could get a game in.



Cupboard is looking bare for the VFL team.

Seem to have the wood on Box Hill of late though.